October 7, 2022


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Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Cin Business Courier

People in Cincinnati and Ohio might have heard abot the Cincinnati Business Courier. They are a source for news, business, and jobs in Cincinnati. Recently, the newspaper has been criticized by journalists who question their ethics and their journalistic standards. For this reason, we will be discussing why you should forget everything you know about the most well-known business paper in Ohio because they don’t deserve your attention or money anymore. 

There are countless other news sources that report with integrity while also sharing important information to keep people informed on what’s happening around them. The only thing that would make sense is to stop patronizing this company until they show how knowledgeable and ethical they can be when it comes to reporting the news accurately. 

The first thing that people should know is that this news source has not been properly reviewed by most other news sources. Online publications such as Big Journalism and BizPac Review have criticized the paper for being a fake news source. The National Report also made claims about the paper because of the false reporting they engage in and how they are trying to make people believe that it is a reputable news source. 

For instance, the Business Courier did a story on Jon Ritzheimer, an anti-Muslim activist who was out recruiting people at his local Walmart store. This report presented Ritzheimer as a man who was going to be out looking for terrorists when in reality he was just getting groceries with his son.

What is the Cincinnati Business Courier?

The Cincinnati Business Courier is a newspaper company that has been criticized for their unethical and dishonest reporting. 

Why should everyone forget about the Cincinnati Business Courier?

Everyone should forget about this company because it has been reported to knowingly publish stories that contain false information. 

What happened with Jon Ritzheimer?

Jon Ritzheimer was falsely portrayed by the Cincinnati Business Courier as an anti-Muslim activist who was looking to cause trouble at the Walmart store. The truth is that he was just out shopping with his son. 

How has this impacted other people’s opinions of the Cincinnati Business Courier?

Most people were surprised to find out that one of their news sources is unreliable and dishonest. This caused many customers to stop using their services and find something better. 

The second thing would be the reporting standards that this news source has. For example, the Cincinnati Business Courier has been criticized for publishing false stories such as one where they reported that President Trump had agreed to pay 3 million dollars in damages to a University of Cincinnati football player who was falsely accused of rape by a vengeful ex-girlfriend. The truth is that Trump never agreed to pay the award and no money was ever paid. 

The third thing that would make you want to stop using this paper would be their unethical reporting practices. For example, many journalists have stated that the Cincinnati Business Courier has an ethical problem when it comes to taking down terrible reporters from other sources on Twitter. They have refused to take down those people’s accounts because of how unethical it would be for them to do so. 

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As a result of these actions, many journalists have asked The National Report to take down their story about the paper because it ridiculed the news group for their unethical practices. 

When you read stories from this newspaper, you should always keep in mind that they may not be genuine. This is why you should stop reading their content until they can prove that they are able to report with integrity. In order to start using this paper again, they will eventually need to prove that they are able to report honestly without engaging in any unethical practices.


The Cincinnati Business Courier is a popular business and news source in Ohio and much of the United States. However, it has been reported that this paper has questionable journalistic ethics and they have been known to publish false information. This means that the information that the Cincinnati Business Courier provides is unreliable and not worth your time or money. As a result of their reporting standards, many people have stopped using this newspaper because they don’t deserve your attention or money anymore.