October 5, 2022


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U Brands Monterey Ballpoint Pens, Soft Touch and Black Ink

These U Brands Monterey white ballpoint pens have a unique smooth, soft-touch grip to make writing easier and more comfortable. The ink is black and opaque so it’ll stand out on most papers without smudging or fading. These pens have a slim, sturdy barrel that’s perfect for note taking, journaling or other desk items.

Other U Brands products we like include the colorful, classic U Brands Kaleidoscope Pen; the versatile Zipper Pocket Notebook; and the ceramic-tipped U Brands Ceramic Pencils. What these products have in common is a pleasant writing experience that’s made possible by their sleek design and quality construction.

With these pens you can create professional-looking documents with style ~~ they’re perfect for notes, journaling, and sketching. Pens come in a 10 pack of assorted colors including blue, red, green and more!

1. Are the pens retractable?

~Each pen has a knurled twist cap

2. Are these pens refillable?

~No, these are disposable ball points and we do not have refills for them. We also do not have a converter for this style of pen. We do, however, have several types of refills that can fit these style pens (http://www.theimaginationtree.com/jewels-of-the-sea/). If you need specialty refills that won’t fit these pens, please search our site or contact us with any questions!

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3. How long do these ballpoint pens last?

~These ballpoints are disposable and will last for about a page of writing. However, since they’ll be discarded after each use, if used for most daily notes and the occasional long-term journaling piece, you’ll likely get at least a few months out of them. If you’re looking for something that is going to see much heavier use, we recommend our other style of pens (the Monterey Roller Ball Pens). All our pens come in packs of 10 so you can have extras on hand!

4. Do these pens have end caps?

~No, these are single T-bar tips without end caps. They will wear down over time.

5. How do I know what pen tip size to order?

~We’ll have the size printed on each individual pen. If you’re looking for a size that isn’t listed, please contact us! We may be able to suggest something comparable.

6. Will these pens bleed through many types of paper?

~No, these are opaque black so they won’t bleed through many types of paper including the more thin sketching pads.

7. How many pens are in the pack?

~We sell our pens in packs of 10, so you’ll get 10 Monterey Ballpoint Pens of each color chosen.

8. What colors do these Monterey ballpoint pens come in? 

~You can choose between Black Ink and Blue Ink. 

9. How long will the ink from these Monterey ballpoint pens last?

~We recommend changing out your ink cartridge every couple months as you’d change a pencil. Since there are no end caps on these pens, you will eventually wear down the tips of the pen which could cause it to bleed through your paper. We also recommend keeping them in a pencil case so they don’t get dirty. If the pens have been sitting unused for a while we can change the tip or clean them up or replace them with a new set if needed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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10. Do these pens come in packs of 10 or in other quantities?

~These are sold in packs of 10.


We hope you find these U Brands Monterey Ballpoint Pens, Soft Touch and Black Ink to your liking! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us a note.