October 2, 2022


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Trending on Youtube – Brand New Cyst Popping Videos

Many different women have uploaded videos of their new cysts popping, and it’s kinda gross. It’s a video that we’ve seen before- you know one in which a woman holds up her mirror to allow herself to see the cyst on her body pop. The Mirror Popping Cyst Video is something you may have already seen on your own, but if not then it’s time for that.

Cyst popping videos

When done correctly, this YouTube trend can be an eye opener. It allows people to see how bizarre, repulsive, and even painful it is to pop a cyst. It will also show viewers how ugly a cyst can get.

Kenyatta Wilbourn has already uploaded a video of her Cysts popping, and it’s already gotten over 1 million views. She has admitted that the sight of the huge cyst popping on her back was enough to make her gag, but she did have some positive things to say after the fact, “They are so gross but yet they are kinda cool,” she said. “They are like a little alien. I love them, I really do.”

There are now hundreds of cyst popping videos out there on YouTube, and if you’ve ever seen these before then it’s time to check out those cysts. The Mirror Popping Cyst Video has definitely shown that they’re not very pleasant to look at. Some people actually believe that they are disgusting, which is a strange belief especially when you consider that many other people don’t find them so bad.

Some people have even argued that they aren’t real- the number one excuse being that they’re fake and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to exist. There are a lot of real cysts out there that people have found in their bodies, so the argument isn’t completely off. There are a lot of reasons why these might be fake, but the most obvious is that they’re fake. If they are real though, then they’re incredibly repulsive as documented on YouTube.

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Other videos include one in which someone gets a cyst removed with a hot air balloon. The removal isn’t done by popping or cutting because it’s too painful and dangerous to do that- instead the anesthetic makes it safe and “like having breakfast.

Another cyst popping video shows a woman getting both of her feet done at the same time. She uses a hammer to pop them, and it seems to work for her. It’s not something we would recommend though because it doesn’t look all that effective- nor does it look like fun .

Cyst popping videos are also trending on Yahoo, so if you have time pop over there and check out some of their channels. Their cysts are all different sizes, shapes, and colors, but they all have one thing in common- they’re gross.


The Mirror Popping Cyst Video is something that you’ve probably seen before- you know, where a woman holds up her mirror to her cyst so she can see it better. If not then it’s time for you to check out some of the Mirror Popping Cyst Videos on YouTube. Cysts are gross whether they’re there or not, but when they’re popping then that makes them even more disgusting than they were before. Not everyone will find them disgusting though, and many people like Kenyatta Wilbourn have gone on record saying how cool they are.