October 4, 2022


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Top 5 Careers for a Business Administration Major

Business administration majors have a wide array of career options that are ranked by salary and the type of business they will work in. The 5 best careers for a business administration major are:

1) General Manager 

2) Finance Director 

3) Taxation Accountant 

4) Business Analyst 

5) Marketing Coordinator 

For an inside look at these careers and more, continue reading this article.

-General Manager

This is the highest ranking job for a business administration major because it is often easier than other jobs. They must make sure that all of the company’s operations run smoothly on a daily basis. They must train employees so they can handle their own workload. Business administration majors are usually able to start at a management level in this job because they have the skills required of them. These are the main responsibilities of a general manager:

1) Make sure all employees know what they need to do and that their workload is distributed evenly 

2) Ensure employee satisfaction, because if an employee is not happy, it will reflect poorly on a company’s reputation 

3) Keep track of all aspects of business and make sure that everything is running smoothly

4) Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors and ensure deadlines are met 

-Finance Director:

 This job is ranked second for good reason. A finance director is the highest ranked business administration major because they have the responsibility of keeping track of every aspect of a company’s finances. They will typically have several employees under them and are usually in charge of making sure that all paperwork is filled out correctly. Another main responsibility of a finance director is communicating with the CEO and upper management.

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1) These business administration majors make sure that the company’s financial statements are accurate and the numbers match up with the system 

2) Ensure that all bookkeeping procedures are correct and that all numbers are recorded accurately 

3) Keep track of all bill payments made to registered vendors 

-Taxation Accountant:

 This is a very prestigious career for graduates. Taxation accountants must perform complex calculations during tax season, otherwise known as tax time. They must be able to work individually or with a team as needed. The main responsibility of these accountants is to calculate the amount of taxes owed based on the income from a company’s activities. They must be able to do math and have a degree in accounting.

1) These business administration majors need to be able to work alone or with others who perform the same task 

2) They have the responsibility of preparing tax records and filing them with IRS authorities 

-Business Analyst: 

These business administrators are in charge of some of the most important areas of a company. They must work on large projects, but these projects can involve many different tasks and people. A business analyst has an extensive background in computer science and programming, which are usually required by this career. They will serve as a liaison between software developers and overseers who manage software deployments. They must be able to communicate with vendors and programmers on a daily basis to keep everything running smoothly.

1) These business administration majors need to be able to work without supervision, be detail oriented, and have excellent communication skills 

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2) They are in charge of making sure that all software is developed according to specifications, that the development and deployment process runs smoothly, and that everything is working as expected

-Marketing Coordinator: 

This is a very demanding job for any business administration major. Marketing coordinators will typically work with other employees who have marketing related responsibilities. They usually coordinate many departments so the marketing efforts can run smoothly. The main responsibility of this job is to ensure that a company’s marketing plan is carried out and that deadlines are met.

1) These business administration majors must be able to work with others and delegate certain tasks to each group 

2) They must also organize meetings, track projects, and manage a team so the marketing efforts run smoothly


Overall, there are many different career options for business administration majors. The 5 best jobs include general manager, finance director, taxation accountant, business analyst, and marketing coordinator. These positions are ranked high because they typically offer more money and require more experience. As you can see from this article, there is a lot of work involved in most of these careers. It takes a lot of time to work on projects and keep track of all aspects of a company so everything will run smoothly. In the end though, it is all worth it because you get your hands on this valuable experience before you graduate and enter into an even more competitive job market.