October 4, 2022


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Things to store in Costco Business Center

This is the first article in a series of articles that will cover the best things to keep at the business Costco Lynnwood, whether you’re a member or not. To begin my list, I decided to start with things to store in it. This list includes both essentials and luxuries that are easily accessible by anyone who wants them. Grouping these two groups together helps me organize my thoughts a bit.

Costco Business Center is the same place your manager goes to when he needs storage space for office supplies or a giant stock of paper towels. It is where the section head (or section chief) goes to store some of his personal items, such as computers, printers, and so forth. They also have some in-house tools and hardware from which any Costco employee can borrow, but I’m not going to go into that today.

Having department heads and section chiefs store things in the Business Center is an idea that came from my wife’s best friend, Yael. Every time I saw her, she told me how Costco was letting her store things in the Business Center. “So what do you store there?” I asked. She always replied, “My project files.” To my surprise, she said that they were kept in perfect condition, and writing this article is one way of thanking her for that.

The Small Stuff:

1. Floppy disk(s) (3.5) and USB flash drive(s). These go to department heads/section chiefs who deal with a lot of documents or electronic files on their computers. They are kept in plastic jars or Ziploc bags.

2. Project files (3-ring binders). These go to department heads/section chiefs whose projects involve a lot of written material. They mostly contain resumes, contracts, and so on. They are stored in plastic crates or SmallOffice filing cabinets, placed on a shelf in alphabetical order.

3. USB cable(s) and other cables with connected ends (e.g., USB-FireWire, USB-Ethernet, etc.). These go to managers who have multiple computers that need data transferred from one computer to another frequently.

1. Why not just use the flash drive or external hard drive to store the data?

A. The reason why these cables are better suited for these functions is that they store backups of important data before they are saved, which is an easy and quick process. USB flash drives and external drives take a lot more time because you have to connect them — something you may have to do if you can’t get to your home computer for days or weeks at a time, but it’s still not a pleasant process — as well as transfer the data from one computer to another.

2. Why use the small key chain knife?

A. The reason why these are better suited for the job is because they can be easily carried, stored out of sight, and if lost won’t attract attention to you if found. This is in contrast to others, such as serial numbers or mobile phones, which must be kept in plain view and often attract attention to you if found.

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The Rest:

1. A roll of tape (red or white). These go to department heads/section chiefs who have tasks that can be done with a simple piece of tape (e.g., labeling files), but they need more than one sheet of it (e.g., printing labels).

2. A box of staples. These go to department heads/section chiefs who have tasks that require a huge amount of staples (e.g., printing labels), but they need only one spool of them (e.g., assigning a number to a file).

3. A box of thumb tacks. These go to managers who are interested in putting reminders on their hands, such as a password or PIN number, so they can be easily accessed if needed. This is in contrast with the other two options above, which are better suited for permanent reminders than temporary ones that are meant to be removed later.


I believe in treating employees as professionals who can conduct themselves responsively, so they should be trusted with small items that aid them in their responsibilities. If my list is too much for even the best managers or section heads, I recommend that you reduce it by a considerable amount to ensure that your employees don’t get carried away and use it for things other than what was intended.