October 2, 2022


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Things to Not Store in Costco Business Center

What Is CostCo?

Costco is a big box retailer of brand-name merchandise in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. It is also known for its food court and strong customer service allowing customers to see their items being delivered from the back of the store to their car.

Why You Shouldn’t Store Items With Costco?

Some storage facilities will charge less for items stored indoors but offer little or no security at night when things are closed. A recent example: “One guy left a cooler filled with meat at an unsecured facility behind an abandoned building in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. When he returned a month later, it was gone.” Another example: “Thieves stole $5,000 of fish from a Costco in East Chicago. Its building’s roof was so unsafe that the thieves could pull down one of the store’s roof tiles and get into the warehouse.” While there may be savings on items stored indoors, you are taking that money and putting it in someone else’s pocket instead of your own. By storing your items at a less secure facility, you may also be leaving yourself open to theft by night.

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Costco does not provide security for items on its premises. It does not employ security guards or police officers to protect its merchandise outside or inside its warehouse or store areas when it is open to customers. If you have items in storage, you can expect to receive a phone call from Costco asking you to pick them up and there will be no security or anyone else present to protect your belongings or the facility.

There have been instances of items stored in storage facilities being taken by employees or vandals. The most popular item that is used against people storing their property at self-storage facilities is that the storage facility does not control who enters its premises. If a thief has a key or uses burglar equipment because of poor locking systems, he/she can enter your area and take what they want.

Is it true that the Costco facility in my area is un-secure?

Yes, you can tell from the stories of people who have been robbed when they forgot to lock the door behind them. They were either unaware or didn’t care when they returned to open the unit and found their items were missing. Another story is about a thief stealing a cooler with drinks in it from Costco as he carried it out of the facility. This sounds ridiculous but it happens every year.

Why don’t they provide security at night? Who would be watching if someone is inside committing a crime?

 I understand that during normal business hours there may be staff there but at night this should not even be necessary. I have been a long-time customer of theirs. CostCo stores are open 24 hours a day and during these times there may be security watching the outside entrances to ensure no one is burglarizing or stealing anything. However, if you store your items at a less secure facility where there are no security provisions in place, the thieves who break into the facility can now steal from you at night if they work in tandem with employees who are not properly trained to monitor the facility and other employees who may try to cover up for their theft by lying about seeing anything that shouldn’t have been seen.

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Costco Claimed That It Did Not Know About The Security Breach

In a statement released in March 2014, Costco said that it did not know about the breach until after the burglary had occurred. The question remains: how can they not know if they have cameras installed which should record the entrance of anyone into their area? And why was no security present when customers are in their area? I must say that this is disappointing to hear.

Do I Store My Property With Costco In The First Place?

In the first place, you should always be extremely cautious with anything you put in storage due to the inherent risks of storing property at any facility. I have been a customer of CostCo for years. If a person takes the time to do his/her due diligence, they will find out that there could be risks involved and it may not be worth it in the end. The biggest issue is that you don’t know what is going on during the night. I don’t care if they have cameras installed or security guards outside, if you put your items in storage, you must assume 100% liability for their protection and know that someone or some people may be coming into the facility to take your items away from you without any risk of being caught.


You are taking a big risk by storing your belongings at any storage facility. Costco is the last place I would store anything I want to keep safe.The second point I would like to make here is that there are no secrets anymore. If you make a mistake, everyone will know about it and it will follow you for life. You do not want people to have a negative perception of your brand if you own a business and this means if someone tells them what happened, they have told the public’s perception of your brand.

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