October 2, 2022


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The Ultimate San Francisco Business Journals Checklist

San Francisco Business Journal is a daily business newspaper that provides comprehensive coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area. They publish articles in print, online, and has various applications for their audience. We have outlined some key features of their publication below: 

– News about global businesses and companies who are located in San Francisco or are considering coming to the area  

– Self-contained stories about specific industries for consumers to learn more about what’s going on in the industry  

– A list of upcoming events throughout the SF Bay Area including conferences, expositions, etc.  

– Job listings in the job section of their online publication  

– An updated business directory of companies headquartered in San Francisco 

The following are different aspects of their paper that we looked at:


1. Colorful and easy to read layout as well as photos to illustrate stories. Photos contain captions to describe what the photo is about. Pictures will always keep the audience engaged and wanting to read more! The reader can easily find stories they are looking for due to an index of contents at the beginning of each issue. Finally, there’s a box at the bottom that summarizes what happened over the past seven days in business news. 

2. Each story is also a link to read more about the story. This way readers can easily access the full story on a computer instead of looking through pages and pages of paper. 

3. Plenty of job listings for SF Bay Area as well as all over the US 

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4. A business directory for all San Francisco businesses 

5. Company descriptions that describe each specific business and what they do, along with contact information and web links to their website


1. The San Francisco Business Journal could begin a blog to keep the audience updated on their website. The newspaper could use this blog to allow readers to comment on stories or ask questions about articles. This would create an interactive experience for the reader to participate and feel connected with the publication 

2. San Francisco has a lot of competition for business news and therefore, an app is needed for San Francisco Business Journal. A mobile app will not take as much time reading through pages of paper but instead, simply flicking through pieces of the app! The app would also allow more access to stories which are very helpful when commuting or you’re on the go! 

3. San Francisco Business Journal could find a better way to organize their news posts from everyday articles to stories that are on the front page. This could give the audience a better idea of what’s happening locally in their area and lead them directly to their local news post when checking for more articles on the same area 

4. San Francisco is known for its tourism and therefore, it would be great if SF Business Journal incorporated some travel ideas as well as restaurants and venues. This can be done by creating a travel guide that all people who are planning on visiting San Francisco or have already visited could pick up at locations throughout the city 

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5. The newspaper could partner with local businesses to help them advertise through the newspaper. This will create a more connection between the publication and different businesses in their area 

6. San Francisco Business Journal needs to have social media accounts to begin building a community online. By having people follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram they will be able to create an online community of people who want daily updates on news events or information on businesses throughout the city 

7. An app is needed as well as a blog on their website that allows people to ask questions or provide their feedback about future stories that are being posted on the website


1. San Francisco Business Journal needs to partner with more businesses and organizations in San Francisco to create different sections of their publication. For example, SF Business Journal could partner with a music association and create a section on the bottom of their pages that has upcoming concerts, events, etc. that are taking place throughout the city. This would be great for tourists since they would be able to see what’s going on in the city and may want to attend these events! 

2. San Francisco Business Journal needs to begin creating group rates for different businesses. If they were to partner up with hotels or other companies in the area they could offer discount business packages or weekly deals for readers who are working or planning on traveling around San Francisco on vacation 


Your company has a great publication and can go far with any of the ideas above if implemented. San Francisco Business Journal needs to continue to focus on providing their audience with the most up to date information in their area. By having a mobile app, group deals, and a blog they will be able to expand on their product while they continue to focus on what they do best!

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