August 12, 2022

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The Surprising Truth About Sky Rider Sparrow Camera

The Sky Rider Sparrow is a camera that takes photos from the sky. The device straps onto a kite and then to your head, 

allowing you to film from the sky with 360 degrees of rotation.

 It has been developed by students from various universities across Europe and is now available to buy for €299.

This article investigates whether this camera will be worth it’s price tag.


The first thing worth noting about the Sky Rider Sparrow is that, first and foremost, it’s a headcam. 

So it’s got limitations in the quality of the images it captures. 

The second thing worth noting is that kite aerial photography can be very expensive.

 Putting together your own kite, finding an appropriate camera to strap on to it and then flying 

this equipment can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily, with this camera you don’t need to worry about any of this.

 It takes care of all the hard work for you leaving you with 360 degree video images captured from your head (or mounted to a kite).

This allows you (or a friend) to mount it to your head for those interesting angles. 

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, fly it on a kite. The images captured by the camera are then saved as .jpg files onto 

an SD card that comes with the device. This means that they can be quickly and easily transferred onto 

your computer or uploaded to sites such as YouTube. However, transferring these files won’t be cheap

 if you don’t have the correct cables as the connection port is Micro USB rather

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 than Mini USB or 2.5mm AV Out (as seen with most camcorders and digital cameras).

The camera itself has quite a few features. It’s relatively light, weighing in at 60g (plus the weight of the cable).

 It also has built-in Wi-Fi so you can either directly transfer images to your computer or use an app on your mobile to do so. 

The Sky Rider Sparrow also comes with a remote control so you can take photos using your mobile phone, 

rather than physically reaching up to the camera to press the button.

The camera is made out of plastic and feels light but durable.

 We’re not sure how it will deal with being dropped by accident but it looks like it would be able to take quite a hit.


The camera offers 360 degree panoramic photos. These are created by taking 15 images at 30 degrees intervals. 

The device was tested with both indoors and outdoor shots and the results were fairly good although

 there was some noticeable distortion around the edges of images due to stitching.

Unfortunately, when using the camera indoors, it’s quite hard to avoid getting the rig in shot 

so you may need to be fairly creative with your poses or find a different background for your photos.

 When outside, the camera will capture everything in front of you up into the distance 

so you may want to avoid objects getting in shot if this isn’t what you’re after. 

With careful placement however, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

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We’ve seen a few examples of people flying with this camera and their footage captured a variety of shots from a variety of angles.

Final Word

On the whole, we think that the Sky Rider Sparrow is an interesting product to look at. 

It’s not often you get access to a kite aerial rig for such a low price. 

The camera is well made and has some useful features such as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 360 degree panoramas, 

which you don’t always see in this price bracket. However, we feel that

 if you’re looking for something more advanced you should probably look at something else rather than the Sparrow.

Buy the Sparrow camera here


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