October 4, 2022


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The Philadelphia Business Journal – A major business news site in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Business Journal

The Philadelphia Business Journal is a major business news site in Philadelphia. In fact, it is one of the biggest business sites in Philly. The title comes from being based out of the city’s old City Hall but it has branches across all over the Northeast and Chicago. The owner also owns sister sites like The Commercial Observer and Commercial Property Executive Magazine. It was founded by Robert Rubenstein in 1974 as a bi-weekly magazine. It then went online in 1996 and changed to be a web-only publication but later came back on paper. It is the oldest online real estate publication in Philadelphia.

Target audience

The Philadelphia Business Journal has two audiences for its daily newspaper publication. The first audience to keep in mind is buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. It targets an open market market, meaning there are many articles that are specific to this type of market but also features general news that could be used by all real estate professionals regardless of their market. The second audience that should be kept in mind is the readership who do not know much about the local markets so that they can learn about the current state of affairs on their local markets and what is currently going on during those times. The newspaper is written in a journalistic style but it makes the news relatable and easy to read, both qualities that make it a perfect medium for learning.

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Story, Structured, Themes, Characters

The Philadelphia Business Journal brings together many different types of stories to appeal to the readership. They have news pieces that talk about big developments that affect large sectors of an economy like retail, business and more. They also have special issues with more in-depth looks at topics for those who are looking for specific information. They even interview local business leaders sometimes as well as people in positions of power in national politics and policy making as it relates to Philadelphia businesses and economic interests. There are also some opinion columns and industry analysis that help explain what is going on in the commercial real estate market.

Different from other sources

The Philadelphia Business Journal has a lot of information online, however they do also publish a daily newspaper as well. This provides users with more options to get the information they want where they want to receive it. The newspaper can be found in business centers and restaurants around the city and is an easy way to learn about what is going on commercially in the area. There are also many online pieces that can be found easily too, but people like the paper because of its more interactive format than pure text online. The readership is made up of people who are involved in commercial real estate, whether they are investors, business owners or realtors. These people need the information that is available on the publication because they want to know what is going on in the market and learn how their business can benefit from it. The online version of the publication is mostly text based, however there are images that accompany some of the articles which helps it stand out from purely text-based sources. The newspaper especially does well because people like to hold onto a newspaper and read on their own when they have time for a more leisurely read.

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The Philadelphia Business Journal is a great source for learning about the current happenings in the commercial real estate market. It provides this information in a way that is easy to read and understand. The best way to use this information is by reading it on your own time when you have time to take it all in.