October 2, 2022


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The Most Popular Bagel Brands in New York

Everyone knows the bagel is a New York staple, but if you are still struggling to find your perfect bagel, here are some suggestions on where to start looking.

Bagels in New York City can seem overwhelming with how many places offer them at any given time of the day. Trying to figure out which restaurant has the best bagels and skips that you might be stuck picking from a bin can be frustrating. When you are craving fresh bread with quality toppings and ingredients, it’s hard not to take the dive within this city and try something new for breakfast or lunch.

Whether you are looking for a good place to start your morning, an afternoon snack or a way to fill the belly at dinner, these eight restaurants will help you discover your new favorite bagel shop and skip the same old place you would normally go to.

1. Ess-A-Bagel [1660 First Avenue]

Ess-a-bagel has been open since 1976 by twin brothers and two sisters who were seeking to change the “traditional” way of making bagels. They wanted to offer people something different and unique—and they did exactly that through their invention of dozens of unique bagel flavors ranging from banana pecan to blueberry cheesecake. People drive to this popular bagelry from all over the Tri-state area every day, and it is worth the wait. It is located at 1660 1st Avenue which is near a subway stop, making it easy to get there.

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2. H&H Bagels [various locations]

If you are looking for something healthier than your average bagel shop, this small chain could be just what you are looking for. H&H uses a unique water filtration method that they claim reduces most impurities in tap water before it even hits the baking process. This fresh-pressed bagel is a step above most because of the artisan topping choices. From cinnamon and nutmeg to brown sugar and pistachios, there are so many choices that can make any bagel you choose taste like something different.

3. Bagelstein’s [various locations]

Rated the best by New York Magazine for their bagels, Bagelstein is another must visit for those looking for a unique bagel experience. It offers a wide variety of toppings from classic cream cheese to barbecue sauce, to Sauerkraut, much in the way that you might find at any other bagel shop. They also offer different flavors of bagels depending on the day and their specials. You can never go wrong with a freshly baked bagel in New York City, and this is one of the best places you can find them.

4. Bagels “N” More [3020 8th Avenue]

This shop offers all different kinds of bagels from plain to cinnamon raisin, plain to sesame seeded, and everything in between! This includes specialty bakes such as egg bagels, cream cheese bagels and more for whatever flavor you are craving at the moment. Come here for a deli, breakfast, lunch or dinner – they offer everything that you could want.

5. Two Boots [various locations]

This is the perfect place to go with someone who likes a little bit of everything on their bagel. The two-boot option allows you to choose two toppings of your choice and split it with a friend. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try the glazed donut or bacon bagel. Their specialty bagels are also worth a taste and will definitely keep you coming back for more.

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6. Murray’s Bagel Bakery [532 6th Avenue]

This is the place to go if you have something specific in mind that you are looking for in your bagel. They have almost 20 different kinds of cream cheese, which means that they probably have what you want to add on to your bagel. They also use Boars Head meats and fresh toppings daily so that each bite is as fresh as possible each time.

7. Einstein Bros Bagels [various locations]

This little chain of bagel shops offers everything from plain to chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin and everything in between, as well as vegan options such as fruit or nut flavors. This place is great for bagel lovers because they offer so many choices that there is something for everyone. These little holes in the wall places may not have huge lines outside but these little specialty shops often have very long hours as well.


No matter what kind of bagel you are looking for, New York has got you covered. All different kinds of styles cater to your taste and the best bagel shops in NYC can provide the perfect breakfast, lunch or a late night snack.