October 2, 2022


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The Most Popular Apple Juice Brands

# 3. Mott’s Apple Juice

Mott’s apple juice is made by the Mott Corporation and is the number three apple juice in America. It comes in five different flavors: Unsweetened Apple Juice, Unsweetened Cranberry-Apple Juice, Unsweetened Apricot-Apple Juice, Sparkling Cranberry-Apple Juice and Sparkling Apple Grapefruit. 

# 2. Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Apple Juice

Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Apple Juice is made by Tropicana Products Incorporated and is the second most popular apple juice in America. It comes in three flavors: 100% Apple Juice, Apple Pomegranate Juice and Apple Blueberry Juice.

# 1. Minute Maid Pure Premium 100% Apple Juice

After the number two apple juice in America, Minute Maid Pure Premium 100% Apple Juice is made by The Coca-Cola Company and is the most popular apple juice in America. It comes in five different flavors: 100% Apple Juice, Pomegranate Blueberry Crunch, Raspberry-Apple Pure, Strawberry Banana Puree and Strawberry Flavour Frenzy.

What is the difference between a juice and an apple juice?

A juice is obtained from crushed apples by machines, while an apple juice has been made from the actual apples, not from a machine.

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Why are some juices thicker than others?

Juices with less sugar might get thicker after weeks of aging due to oxidation. Other times, the sugars may turn into lumps.

Are there any vitamins and nutrients in these juices? 

The amount of vitamins and minerals in these juices varies between brands depending on the raw materials and their producers’ methods of processing and quality control. Some may be fortified with additional vitamin C and iron because they know they lack these substances.

Why are some juices more expensive than the others?

The higher the sugar concentration levels, the more expensive it is. You will also pay a premium for vitamins and minerals as well.

Can juicing be done every day?

No, because juicing removes essential nutrients from the food we eat. When juiced every day, vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals may be diminished or destroyed. It’s healthier to eat whole foods from all healthy fruits and vegetables because they will provide all the nutrients you need in your daily diet. Juicing five days a week is fine for a beginner who wants to try it out for two-three weeks but would not make much of an impact on their health after that period of time.

How long do the juices remain fresh after consuming?

Depending on their methods of storage, apples usually last one to three days, bars and muffins can stay fresh up to five days while gels and candies can last up to a month or longer.

What is the best way to store juice? Where is the best place to store fruit juice?

Store apple juice in the refrigerator for maximum quality. If it has a low sugar content, a room temperature can be just fine because they will last for weeks if stored properly with the lids on. Juice should always be refrigerated after opening; this will ensure that it retains freshness.

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Why are juices sometimes cloudy?

Usually, juices are not milky in color because of the added vitamins and minerals but rather due to the presence of large and tiny particles suspended in them. Homogenization is what makes milk appear white; this process breaks up large fat droplets into smaller ones which makes milk clear. Juices are not processed using homogenization, so the large particles remain in solution and that is why they may look cloudy or milky at times.


Juicing is a good way to meet your dietary requirements for vitamins and minerals. However, it is better to eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than juice, which only contributes to our calorie intake but not that of nutrients. Apple juice brands are not usually fortified with many vitamins and minerals, so sticking to one brand can have an effect on your health, unless you use them in a healthy way by consuming all the vitamins and minerals they contain in a balanced daily diet.