October 7, 2022


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The James Brand – Knives, Keychains, Pens & Carabiner

The UK-based company The James Brand specializes in handcrafted, high-quality knives and tools with a wilderness theme. Love knives? We have them. Want a top-quality pen that looks as good as it writes? It’s in the house. Need just the right tool for your task at hand? You’ve found it!

The James Brand is dedicated to crafting quality products for their customers, who are looking for a more personal and thoughtful experience when buying something online. The James Brand shop contains everything a customer could want in a store, but with the convenience of online shopping.

The James Brand’s mission is to bring the best design and craftsmanship from the finest materials into your hands, so that you can take it out into the world and use it as often as possible. The James Brand believes in making quality products that stand up to everyday use, that feel good in your hand and work as well as they look!

Each handcrafted item is made by expert craftsmen using only the finest materials available, with each knife following a painstaking process of decoration and assembly that actually takes longer to do than to make.

The James Brand’s collection of knives and tools is wide ranging, with each product designed for a specific purpose and crafted by hand. The attention to detail in every knife is apparent, with the handle made from the finest materials and then finished to perfection. Each knife comes with a sheath that has been specially cut and handmade to ensure a perfect fit with their unique folding knives. Every pen produced has been made using state-of-the-art technology that produces writing utensils that write as well as they look! Visit our website today or come see us at one of our retail locations.

Best possible result

Here are a few tips:

1) Use the right tool for the job. Don’t waste time and effort using a knife meant for heavy duty use on something which really isn’t as hard to cut as it looks. There’s nothing more frustrating than using a knife intended for cutting through cardboard or thin wood to do something which really doesn’t require that kind of strength in your hand! If you need to cut through very strong materials, you’ll need one that is designed specifically for those kind of tasks, so be sure you’re getting the right tool!

2) Cut at an angle (45° or 90°) when possible. A 45° cut or a 90° cut can make a huge difference, so don’t dismiss the option if you have the choice!

3) Push against the blade with your index finger. This will help you keep your knife from slipping and gives you greater control over how it cuts.

4) Follow your instinct! If things feel wrong, something is probably wrong with what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from someone who is more experienced than you in using them (we recommend consulting a more expert guide!)

Force do I need

A. The amount of force you need depends on what you’re cutting and how hard or soft the material is. Some customers certainly have more strength in their hands than others, but even if you’re just a little stronger than normal, you may find that the knife is able to cut things that they really shouldn’t! The best way to find out what will be effective for your task is by trying it yourself first. It may feel awkward at first, but once you get used to it, it will become second nature!

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Materials can I cut.

A. All things being equal, wood and cardboard will give up first. Looking at the hardness of the material, soft metals and plastic will be easier to cut than something harder such as glass or metal.

Cutting through things like nails

We do not recommend knife use for this purpose, as there is a greater risk of injury with a knife rather than with a nail clipper specifically designed for that purpose. Cutting through nails with a knife would require you to exert more force on the blade in order to penetrate them, which could lead to injuries if you slip.


The James Brand is a leading manufacturer of high quality handmade products designed to appeal to the outdoorsmen and outdoor enthusiasts in the UK. The James Brand is also well entrenched as a leader in producing precision-crafted, quality products.