October 4, 2022


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The Best Things About Pacific Business News Journal

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The content of Pacific Business Journal is perfect for anyone who is looking to find just the right publication for their needs. There are a variety of topics, including business, industry trends and news, and more. Finally, when you are done with reading the articles submitted by our editorial team and staff members, there’s also a section devoted to blog posts: top company blogs written by PBI contributors that offer even more insights into the world of startups.

Pacific Business Journal welcomes all audiences (shareholders, executives, entrepreneurs) but has been developed with a holistic approach in mind. That means it’s not just about business news — it covers many other topics such as sports and technology as well. Media, sports and technology are among the most followed topics on social media platforms.

Our mission is to present business news in a smart way: to stimulate more debates and discussions between readers (shareholders), executives, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

Pacific Business Journal has been created by and for people who want to know more about various aspects of the business world. Most of all, we have been created for you, our readers (shareholders) — those who can always use some good advice.

Pacific Business Journal is a unique publication because of its commitment to keep our readers, stakeholders, executives and the next generation up-to-date on what’s happening across a variety of industries. We are committed to providing useful information. We also create valuable content and help engage our readers with compelling articles. If you want to learn more, please contact Pacific Business Media directly.


Pacific Business Media (PBI) is a leading publisher and distributor of business information and media content for the Asia Pacific region with four main brands: Pacific Business Daily (PBD) magazine, Pacific Business Review (PBR), The Nation’s Business (TNB) and the Asian Banker magazine. PBI Singapore is a leading publisher of business information and media content in Singapore, with a network of websites, print publications including the award winning Pacific Business Journal and trade journals using an online publishing platform. These are published in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

PBI also offers investment research services through AsiaMRC (www.asiamrc.com), the Asian Business Information Network with news and research on the latest developments in emerging markets, international companies operating in Asia, the region’s economy, investing opportunities and a wide range of industries within Asia Pacific . It includes the Asia Corporate Database (www.pacificbusinessmedia.com/acdb), the largest database in Asia, which lists over 6,000 corporate websites and contact details on company news and investment opportunities.

With PBI’s businesses strategically located in all key business hubs across Asia Pacific, our customers as well as partners across the region benefit from our unique regional knowledge and local coverage of local customer needs. We also have an extensive client base in related industries with businesses ranging from lifestyle and sport to technology, IT and banking services. To find out more about Pacific Business Media, PBI Singapore or AsiaMRC, please visit www.pacificbusinessmedia.com

PBJ different from other business websites

Pacific Business Journal is your source for fast-paced, accurate and comprehensive business information. We are not only focused on business news but we also offer continuous coverage of everything that’s happening in the industry we cover. We like to think we can help you make better decisions when it comes to investment opportunities, potential acquisitions and knowing what’s going on across all industries in digital media.

PBI help stakeholders, executives, entrepreneurs and the next generation

Pacific Business Journal provides you with a variety of valuable information. From ‘how to start a business’ to ‘best entrepreneurial ideas of 2017’ — we cover it all. Our editorial team is always on top of the game, keeping your interests and needs in mind. Additionally, we also provide insightful information about digital media trends that are shaping our future business environment.

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Our editorial team is constantly on the lookout for upcoming events and new tech trends that might be of interest to you as a reader. If you would like to submit your press release or a link to your article, we are happy to consider it for publication in the Pacific Business Journal, please get in touch with us at.


We are proud to present to you our readers the Pacific Business Journal, a magazine about business – for everyone who wants to find out what’s happening in their industry.