October 5, 2022


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Teaching and Learning Resources- Tutor2u Business

Below is a link to some of the top teaching and learning resources including free online courses, videos, ebooks and more. Tutor2U is an online tutoring platform that connects learners with tutors of over 45 different languages. Visit our blog for tips on how to learn a new language, or how to get ahead in school.

Where is Tutor2u?

Tutor2u is an online tutoring platform that connects learners with tutors of over 45 different languages. All the content on our site is free and we have a community of more than 30,000 tutors around the globe. To find out more you can visit our website at www.tutor2u.com or get in touch via [email protected] or Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

Tutor2U also has a range of useful apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X platforms which are available to download for free from either the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or iTunes store

What can I learn?

Tutor2u is a comprehensive platform which boasts a massive range of different subjects (see the list below) and we are constantly adding new content

How do I learn?

 All content is freely available and classes on Tutor2u are interactive, fun and educational. You’ll see all the classes that you can take, along with a brief summary of each one on your homepage when you log in. To find out more about the classes on offer, click on any one of them to get to the individual class page from where you can read a description, see sample questions and answers, upload documents for practice or book a lesson directly.

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 Can I learn for free?

Yes, all classes on our platform are free. You can take a class and get your learning materials without paying a penny. All tutor2u tutors are paid per lesson only and our models ensure that all of our tutors provide premium services at an affordable price.

 How much do courses cost?

Our online courses come in the following price brackets:

For pricing information on specific courses please contact our Customer Service team via email or use live chat.

Responsibilities: -Assisting our customers to work out and solve their problems for solutions through effective classification, data extraction, data mining, data summarization and reporting. -Data mining such as category extraction, hypertext markup language (HTML), natural language processing (NLP), normalization and cleansing of data. -Writing code for identifying relevant information from large amounts of data. -Making use of appropriate tools and technologies to achieve the assigned goals.

Key Skills: -Analytical skills -Analyzing data, evaluating and understanding problems and hypotheses, formulating solutions and producing effective solutions. -Communicative skills- Using effective communication tools when completing tasks, demonstrating professionalism in written documents which could be used for reports, emails to clients and more. -Coding/scripts writing skills- Creating innovative code for extraction of information from long and short documents for different applications. -English Language skills- Writing technical documentation for software users in a clear, concise manner to communicate effectively with little or no ambiguity. -Mathematical skills- Applying mathematical knowledge and techniques to problem-solving and decision-making. -Problem-Solving -Identifying problems, generating and evaluating alternatives, and implementing solutions.

Other Relevant Skills: -Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures. -Customer service skills (telephone/E-mail) including answering questions or resolving complaints from clients in person or remotely. -Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

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In this new world, big data comes to the fore, including marketing and sales. It has made the life of people very easy and comfortable. The use of online data mining and analysis tools has given immense power to the businesses. Every business wants to know about their customers and market more effectively. Data mining is a field that explores techniques for finding patterns in large data sets involving structured data (database) as well as unstructured data (text). There are many applications for data mining in business, scientific research, health care/medical research, etc. The main objective of this technology is to improve knowledge discovery from huge databases.