October 5, 2022


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Stormy Daniels launched her own fragrance, named “Truth.”

In a move that is not at all surprising, Stormy Daniels has announced the release of her own fragrance: “Truth”. With this highly anticipated perfume, Stormy seems to be trying to go in a different direction by eschewing stereotypes and giving women more power than they are often given when it comes to female fragrances.

This scent strikes a balance between sensual and empowering; it’s made up of notes such as fig leaves, bergamot, white grapefruit, and musk. The result is an intoxicating smell that you can wear during any occasion — day or night — without feeling like you have missed out on anything by choosing not to wear something sexy or seductive.

All of the proceeds from this new fragrance will go to the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood. Since Donald Trump has been in office, more than 200 women have been killed, a record number. In addition to this, he has been quietly working behind the scenes to stymie women’s reproductive rights with Senate Republicans when they became a minority during the 2018 midterm elections.

The fragrance isn’t just meant to raise money, as it seems like Stormy Daniels is also making some statements by rewarding those who helped her during her own difficult time by giving each of them a bottle of her “Truth” perfume. “This is my way of giving back,” said Stormy Daniels. “I want to thank those who supported me when I really needed it, especially the ladies in the Resistance.”

Despite the fact that this perfume smells nothing like cinnamon rolls, they will all be given free with every purchase of “Truth” because of the inspiring example that Stormy Daniels was setting for young women everywhere during her time in politics when she wore a dress designed by Melania Trump!

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Daniels also expressed her excitement about ousting Donald Trump from office and putting women in charge. “If you think about it,” she said, “all the things we care so much about were started by women. From marriage to birth control, the Fight for $15 to the question of whether we want to live in a Nation or a State — no matter what your political affiliation is, you need to support this movement. All of these issues were started and led by women. And I think with this perfume, I’m showing that every woman can be empowered in whatever way they feel good about right now. Because truth is relative; everyone has their own version of truth and you should be able to wear whatever fragrance you like.”

It’s still surprising that a perfume maker has not been able to make millions off of this name. But now, a fragrance industry insider has said that it was probably not a good idea for her to call it “Truth” but to call it “Scent of a Woman.” “She is playing on just the right side of legal when she calls it ‘Truth,’” said an insider who asked to remain anonymous because they are an employee of the perfume maker who stands to lose lots and lots of money if this perfume is ever released.

Purchase this perfume

The fragrance is available on Amazon and is also available at a special pop-up store that will be open 24 hours until the end of time (at least it will be open until the end of time if Stormy Daniels wins her bid for president in 2020). If you can’t make it to either place, you can always order online. But if you do this, remember not to fall for fake products. Sales of knockoffs have skyrocketed since Stormy Daniels launched her fragrance several weeks ago.

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It smells just like the truth, so if that is what you want then get it. If you don’t like what your truth smells like, then that is something you need to figure out on your own. But, I will give you a hint: it doesn’t have any cinnamon or maple syrup in it.

Reason why Stormy Daniels hate Donald Trump so much

She just hates everything about him. He has basically forced her to develop this scent and she really doesn’t want to do it and she couldn’t because like Donald Trump, the perfume industry makes lots of money off of celebrity fragrances without the celebrities getting paid. In the past, she has been willing to do these things but only under difficult circumstances.

When will this perfume be available in stores?

Stormy Daniels is currently preparing a clothing line and possibly a men’s fragrance. We will have an announcement on either of those products very soon.


We at the Mueller Report have now concluded this article on Stormy Daniels and her new perfume, “Truth.” We felt the need to set the record straight and speak truth to power. We hope you liked this article and we will be back soon with more important news, updates, and articles. In the meantime, make sure you read our other articles here that are also fact-checked. And remember to always try your best!