October 2, 2022


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Solutions for Your Business Needs – “Independence Business Supply”

Independence Business Supply is the premier wholesale distributor of office supplies, furniture, and janitorial products located in Cincinnati, OH. They carry over 120,000 new and proven product lines including key items such as office furniture, copy machines and printer supplies.

IBS is committed to satisfying their customers through continuous growth of their inventory as well as outstanding customer service. They strive to provide quality goods at unbeatable prices without sacrificing on service. They look forward to providing you with exceptional service for all your business needs while meeting or exceeding your expectations!

“Independence Business Supply” 

Independence Business Supply is the leading wholesale distributor of office supplies, furniture, and janitorial supplies located in Cincinnati, OH. IBS takes pride in having the largest inventory of items featuring high quality products and services and offers a variety of discounts to those looking for wholesale office products. They have been in business for over 11 years delivering quality goods and services at affordable prices.

Quality – IBS looks for the best quality items for their customers. They seek out only high quality products that have proven to be beneficial to those who have them. They are determined to make sure the products they sell are of top priority, and they won’t settle for anything less than a quality product.

Customer Service – IBC’s number one goal is customer satisfaction. They take pride in providing every customer with outstanding service while also looking out for their needs and wants. They will always treat you as a person rather than just a number or sale, and they want you to think of them as your partner in business, not just your business supplier.

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Sales & Coupons – IBS is devoted to making sure you find what you need at the price you want. They offer a vast selection of products, including the top names in office equipment and furniture. You will find them to be one of your most valuable resources for all your business needs.

IBS is eager to establish strong business relationships with their customers by providing quality products at affordable prices with outstanding customer care. By using IBS as your business supplier, you will find that they are always willing to help you grow and succeed in all your endeavors.

Save money on my business budgets

IBS provides great prices on all the products you need for your office without sacrificing quality or service. They are committed to customer satisfaction, so you can always expect to receive great pricing without problems when ordering from them.

Corporate discounts

IBS offers corporate discounts when ordering in bulk. In addition to this they also offer preferred customer programs where you will get 5% off your first order from them.

Access all the products

IBS has an online portal where you can access their inventory, at this portal you will be able to sort the items by category and brand. You will also be able to see the latest specials and new products they have in their store. They also offer live chat support on their website or you could contact them via email or phone.


With all this you see that IBS is an honest supplier who can provide great service and quality products at affordable prices. They offer corporate discounts and coupons for orders above a certain amount, which can be very helpful if you are ordering in bulk. Finally their customer service is top notch, so if you have any questions about their product or services feel free to contact them and ask them.

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