October 2, 2022


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SO Brand’s Intimates & Sleepwear Pajamas

Provides a large selection of affordable and very comfortable nightwear for women, men and children in a variety of styles, prints, colors and sizes.

If you’re looking for the perfect PJs or lingerie to complete your set then shop online at SO Brand. They provide a large selection of affordable and very comfortable nightwear for women, men and children in a variety of styles, prints, colors and sizes.

SO Brand is a brand of affordable women and men’s sleepwear and intimate apparel, designed for comfort and style. SO Brand products are offered exclusively through high-quality stores, including Macy’s department stores, JCPenney department stores, Chico’s department stores, Belk department store and other fine retailers. SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear is a brand of private label nightwear sold at Macy’s stores in the United States. SO stands for Soft and Sexy.

History and philosophy behind SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear

SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear was launched in 2007, following the thriving success of SO Crewing, which also offers soft and sexy activewear for young adults. Our philosophy is driven by listening to consumers; to be responsive and relevant as it relates to their product needs. We work with a small team of individuals who offer a diverse set of talents and experience. We are all about innovation and staying ahead of trends in order to meet those changing needs. We are a team of moms, active professionals, trendsetters and fashionistas that understand trends, design new products and encourage innovation and creativity. SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear is designed for the everyday woman.

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SO Brand from the competition

We focus on quality, value and trend-right product development. We provide a wide assortment of sleepwear at affordable prices for women and children with sizes ranging from petite to plus. We offer everything from sexy lingerie to pillows and robes to provide an all-season wardrobe solution in one place.

Target market

Our goal for SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear is to provide a brand that appeals to women who are comfortable with their bodies, confident in themselves, and love shopping. We want our brand to be fun and sexy, but we also want it to have substance as well. The women who wear SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear are women who are proud of their bodies and like to be comfortable in the style they choose.


Quality is a core value of SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear. We are committed to producing high-quality apparel with the utmost in comfort and integrity. We work with fine high-fashion manufacturers to create garments that are fashionable, flattering and reliable. Our products are made of the finest materials at an affordable price point.

Extensive product line

Our goal is to provide an affordable and diverse product line for women and children to choose from. We feel that this is important because people need sleepwear that matches their personality, style, likes, dislikes or body shape. Products for men and women should not be the same. We want our customers to feel comfortable with our products no matter what situation they are wearing them in. We believe our customer will find exactly what they need from us at SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear.

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Main competitors in this segment

Brands such as Ed Hardy, Levis, Hanes and Adidas. Our unique positioning is our main difference from the competition. SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear is sexy, flattering and fun. We are different from other brands available in the market place in that we focus on quality products with a level of affordability that appeals to a broad range of consumers.


SO Brand Intimates & Sleepwear offers a wide array of products for women, children and men. It is available online at numerous retailers such as Macy’s and JCPenney where it is sold exclusively.