October 2, 2022


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Services to Meet the Financial Needs – “H-E-B”

The San Antonio based H-E-B grocery chain has a wide range of services to meet their customers’ financial needs. They offer services like mobile banking, reloadable H-E-B cards, money transfers, account management and more. These services look to help their customers save money by adding convenience and gentle reminders that can help maintain good financial health. H-E-B offers the following services:

  • The reloadable H-E-B card looks to add convenience to customers’ lives by offering a prepaid credit card. The idea is that the customer can use the card like a regular credit card at their stores and earn their fuel points or cash rewards. Customers can load their H-E-B prepaid credit cards with any amount of money, starting at $25, and it is accepted everywhere in H-E-B stores as well as over 20 other retailers that work with Mastercard. H-E-B prepaid cards may be loaded at any time and can be used for any purpose. The card is reloaded with additional money when the balance reaches zero, or with a new card when the old card is lost or stolen.
  • The mobile banking service provided to customers of H-E-B looks to allow people to manage their money and accounts when they are on the go. The mobile banking service allows customers to check their account balance, view available funds, transfer money between accounts and pay bills. The mobile banking app can be downloaded onto a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Customers can then easily look at balance information for their savings or checking account through the app whenever they need, wherever they are (as long as there is internet access). Mobile banking is free with all bank accounts.
  • H-E-B Mobile Banking connects customers to their H-E-B accounts through their mobile devices much like other banking apps do today. Customers link their H-E-B account to their mobile device to access their accounts and information through the H-E-B Mobile Banking app for iOS and Android. This includes checking account balances, transferring funds between accounts, paying bills and more.
  • H-E-B Money Transfers allows customers to send funds to family and friends anywhere in the world. Funds are sent through their online account administration and are available in a short period of time. These transfers can be made in the form of cash, a check or a money order. H-E-B Money Transfers is free to use and should be secure to send money internationally.
  • The H-E-B Account Management Service helps customers track their transactions, make deposits, handle bill payments and more. This service may include an online account holder login and password as well as online access to account information such as monthly statements, and makes payments available for review at any time.
  • H-E-B has a mobile app called H-E-B GO that makes grocery shopping easier, and offers other services too. It can be downloaded to smartphone, GOOGLE ANDROID OR APPLE IOS, or tablet platforms. What H-E-B GO does is allow customers to order their groceries online and pick them up at the store. Customers can even order through a drive thru lane! Another feature of the H-E-B GO app is that it provides customers with access to coupons so they can save more money when shopping. H-E-B Go accepts Apple Pay as well as other digital payment methods such as Samsung Pay and Android Pay too.
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H-E-B strives to offer the best possible service to their customers by providing services that promote financial health. They provide mobile banking, a reloadable prepaid card, money transfers, account management and more. Use of these services is free to use and will help customers save money, be secure when performing transactions and more.