October 2, 2022


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SaaS Operational Management Systems – Ministry Brands

“In article, we introduce you to the Ministry Brand’s SOMS, which includes variety of tools for managing the church’s operations. The SOMS is a web-based application that enables organizations to configure and manage their own software applications and processes.”

Here is some background on what “Software as a Service” means: “There are two main types of software: * Software as a service (SAAS) – Everything provided via the cloud, so you don’t have to download anything or install anything on your computer or network. * Software installed on end-user devices (often referred to as “native”). With SAAS, you pay for a subscription that allows you to access the software, rather than buying the software outright and stowing it on your computer or device. As with software installed on end-user devices, SAAS can include a variety of features and services such as user accounts, security and licensing options.”

This is why Ministry Brands is introducing their SOMS to churches all over the world: “Our SOMS provides opportunities for churches to manage their operations from a single location. Ministry Brands has been able to simplify the way we manage our staff, ministry team, and volunteers. We also get to better understand the way we are able to track performance and make improvements for both our volunteer and staff member engagement.”

So why is Ministry Brands excited about their SOMS? 

According to their article, here are 3 great reasons: “When you are looking for a church management software, you want to find a company that: * Is easy to use * Is affordable * Has an intuitive software * Has comprehensive functionality * Is stable and secure * Has a real person you can talk with”

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How will this software help our ministry?

The Ministry Brands-SAAS has “• Sign up and manage members • Manage volunteers • Collaborate with other ministries in one place • Schedule and manage services, events, and training • Create custom reports to track performance”

What is the benefit of having one centralized database?

Signing up members gets easier, volunteers don’t need to fill out a form for every program. Everything is in one place and your staff can easily update the calendar or gather information overnight without having to send an email out to everyone. With a central database you will be able to track performance and make improvements for both your volunteer and staff member engagement.”


If you are looking for a church management software, check out the Ministry Brands-SAAS. They have a FREE trial offering that could benefit your church.