October 5, 2022


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S.O. Brand Clothing for Women

S.O. Brand is a fashion and lifestyle brand for women that was founded in 2011 by Alyssa Ratigan and Emily Spoor. The company was created as an alternative to the commercial, materialistic, sexualized culture of today’s fashion industry, which often objectifies human beings into objects of display and desire. Focusing on producing clothing that is aesthetic, comfortable, functional and feminine, S.O. Brand’s goal is to promote the idea of natural femininity and the reinstatement of values such as respect and strength. These ideas are manifested through artistic vision, design innovation and a sense of tactility in the objects created by S.O. Brand Clothing for Women. S.O. Brand began as an online boutique for women’s clothing. In the fall of 2012, S.O. Brand held its first art exhibition entitled “Hush”. The gallery featured art that was created specifically for the show by independent artists and designers from all over the United States. The exhibit also featured some of the clothing designs available in the S.O. Brand storefront, along with other retail items such as scarves, mugs and shirts designed by local artists under a licensing agreement with S.O., as well as some artwork created by Alyssa herself using spray paint, stencils and other mediums.

S.O. Brand Clothing for Women

S.O. Brand Clothing for Women is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is focused on creating clothing that is natural, feminine, functional and aesthetic. The clothing offered by the company was created by Alyssa Ratigan, the founder, who worked in the fashion industry as a designer in New York City before beginning S.O., as well as Emily Spoor, her business partner and creative director for the brand. The women’s clothing line was officially launched on November 1, 2011 – less than two months after S.O’s inception – but all products are available to be purchased now through their online boutique at www.sobrand.com. The brand is based in Evanston, Illinois.

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Manufacturing and production processes of S.O. Brand Clothing for Women for Sale

The garments are designed, developed, and produced in the S.O. Brand studio in London along with our sister brand, SewItYourselfOnline [SIO] which produces hats, scarves and accessories all made to order online; there is also a SIO flagship store located in Hackney Town Hall (London). The garments are then cut, stitched and produced at a factory in India.

Most popular designs

The SIO collection is widely popular with our customers, who can try any design on their custom made hats or scarves. Re-issues of the SIO collection have recently been added to the shop. We have recently re-launched the brand and strongly believe that we can create the next great women’s clothing brand. The customer-centric approach to clothing design reflects the values that underpin all of our products, as well as our long term vision for the future of S.O. Brand Clothing for Women for Sale .

Reasons behind the company’s name

The inspiration behind the logo – a small, happy woman dressed in a cardigan, knee length boots and pearls, with a bright smile on her face – is that S.O. Brand Clothing for Women for Sale is not just a brand but a positive way of empowering women to be comfortable and happy whilst being beautiful and stylish. ‘SO’ is a contraction of ‘surrounded by’ which clearly describes our brand as it is about creating an environment where women are surrounded by confidence and happiness both whilst wearing our garments and at other times in their lives as well. We also believe that S.O. Brand Clothing for Women for Sale has the potential to become a global fashion brand.

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S.O. Brand Clothing for Women product line is eco-friendly because we believe that respect and sustainability are two values that should be present within an enterprise and we are therefore committed to minimizing our environmental impact in every aspect of our activities, from sourcing our materials to the production processes involved in their creation to the distribution of the final products in their lives as well as their conception into life.


S.O. Brand Clothing for Women is a brand that has been designed to create value for women, by empowering them to be comfortable and beautiful whilst also feeling proud of themselves.