October 7, 2022


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Russell Brand is a British comedian

Who is Russell Brand?

Russell Brand is a British comedian, actor and radio host. He has been active in his career since 1995, starring in “The Seeker”, the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” remake and on the television series “The Office”. He is also popular for his work on the radio show “The Russell Brand Show”, which had over 3 million listeners at its peak. He hosts a talk show called “The Trews” where he discusses current events with other people who have an interest in politics.

Russell Brand’s  YouTube channel

Russell Brand has a channel because he was an early adopter of the site. In 2007, Brand posted his first video on YouTube and it has grown in popularity since then. The most popular post on his channel is the “Why I Went Vegan” video that has over 10 million views. His videos are not your typical videos from a normal YouTuber as he talks about serious topics and expresses his opinions.

His YouTube channel has been growing in popularity over the past three years, with over 8 million subscribers, because he delivers thought-provoking videos that are humorous. In his videos, he covers issues that are important to him such as drug addiction, mental health awareness and most recently, veganism. His most popular video was “Why I Went Vegan”, which is a 3 part video series covering what veganism means to him as an individual.

Russell Brand’s YouTube Channel is a place where he takes time out to explain his own views and has even given interviews to explain his beliefs. So far, he has uploaded over 1,500 videos. These range from explaining why he identifies as a vegan , to discussing his ideas on mental health activism , giving advice on drug rehabilitation and general narcissistic self-examination.

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He also uses his channel to educate the viewer on issues that are important like animal cruelty, financial corruption and bullying . Russell Brand is only one of the few YouTubers who use their videos for greater causes; others include Tyler Oakley, Jake Paul and Shane Dawson who have all used their YouTube channels for advocacy purposes.

Russell Brand’s YouTube channel is an example of how influential YouTubers can be in today’s society. His videos range from political commentary and sharing his personal beliefs, to explaining serious issues like mental health awareness and addiction. These are topics that are often not discussed in public. Russell Brand uses his online platform to share his views on these matters, which he may not be able to talk about otherwise due to the nature of media outlets being run by corporations.  

His channel gives a voice to opinions that would otherwise remain unheard by a large audience worldwide. He has been able to draw in a large amount of viewers over the years, with many of his videos amassing over a million views. His channel also serves as an example of how far YouTubers can go in their careers, given the right amount of opportunities and luck.


Russell Brand’s YouTube channel provides a way for him to discuss topics that he cares about, such as mental health and animal cruelty. It is an outlet for him to share his personal views, which are not necessarily seen via the other outlets that he works in. His channel has helped raise awareness of some issues and has given a voice to many who would not have one otherwise.

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