October 2, 2022


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Preparation For a Business Finance Partner Interview

Are you preparing for a business finance partner interview? You might be wondering what exactly a business finance partner interview entails and what you will be asked. This blog post is your guide to the process of preparing for the interview, as well as what you can expect from different types of interviews.

Duration of the Interview

Business finance partner interview durations vary, but the most common format is a half- to one-hour discussion with your supervisor, followed by separate meetings with more senior members of your organization. The first meeting will be primarily an information exchange between you and your manager. It is intended to clarify where you stand within the organization, your goals and career aspirations, and any unresolved issues during your time with the company. This meeting can take place in person or over the phone. For example, if you are moving to another state or country in pursuit of a new career opportunity or other life change, it might make sense for this initial meeting to take place remotely.

What type of questions should I prepare for?

You should prepare for questions on each of the following topics, as well as any other related topic that might be asked during the interview. Each of these topics requires a different approach to preparation and could have a large impact on how you are perceived by the interviewer. You should also make sure to research any specific industry-related terms that you may not be familiar with, in order to avoid any awkward pauses or questions about the terminology at hand.

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Why do I need to prepare for so many different types of questions?

Each question has a different purpose and will likely vary depending on what is being asked. An interview is an opportunity for the interviewer to gain a clear understanding of you and what you can contribute. Therefore, it is important to be able to take on different roles and answer different types of questions in order to effectively navigate the interview and leave a lasting impression.

Are there any general guidelines for answering each of these types of questions?

Yes! While different situations may call for different answers and approaches, there are several guidelines that can be followed when preparing for business finance partner interviews. Prepare three points ahead of time to discuss, as well as three bullet points that illustrate your points and back up your ideas with facts.

What should I do if I don’t have a lot of experience in a certain field?

Show your interviewer that you do have knowledge on the topic by discussing why you chose to pursue a degree in the field. If you are currently pursuing your degree, explain how the coursework and other events have helped to build your knowledge and increase your credibility. Finally, find an industry expert to connect with who could help provide insight into concepts that may be new to you.

What should I expect from different types of interviews?

While there are many different types of business finance partner interviews, there are some common characteristics and expectations for each type of interview. For example, a first-round interview will likely be more formal and structured, while an in-person interview may be more relaxed and casual. With this in mind, you should be prepared with a professional and appropriate outfit to wear for the different types of interviews.

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Preparing For The Interview

Preparation is key to what type of answers you can provide during the interview. Make sure to prepare ahead of time by creating bullet points with three points that you want to discuss, as well as three background statistics or facts that support your ideas. By preparing ahead of time, you ensure that you are focused on your preparation rather than trying to create points on the spot.

What To Expect From The Interview

Although there are many different types of business finance partner interviews, there are a few common characteristics that can be expected of each type of interview. If you are applying for an interview, it is important to understand what the interviewer is looking for and how they will ask questions. For example, an in-person interview will likely be more casual than a first-round interview. While this type of interview is more relaxed, it is still important to prepare ahead of time by researching the specifics of your chosen industry and preparing answers to any questions that may arise.


Through preparation, it is important to ensure that you are prepared to answer any questions that may arise during the interview. Preparing will also ensure that you have an appropriate outfit to wear, which can make the interview more enjoyable and allow you to be completely present during your time with the interviewer. Keep in mind that this process may take months or even years to complete, so be patient.