August 12, 2022

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Long distance relationship gadgets and technology help couples stay connected

We’ve all been there. You finally meet someone, you lock eyes across a crowded room and then bam! 

You realize that this is the person you were waiting for your entire life. 

The relationship progresses quickly as each day seems to bring new adventures and new memories for both of you.

 It’s been two weeks since the two of you have seen each other and you can’t stop thinking about them – or should we say it?

This is a common problem for long distance couples, but no worries! There are plenty of gadgets and technology

 out there to help couples stay connected without being physically near each other.

With all the technological advances in the smartphone, it’s no wonder why these devices are considered a must for long distance couples. 

They can help you connect to your significant other at any time and even keep the romance alive by sending sweet emails back and forth!

If you have a smartphone, you should be able to use various social media apps to stay connected with your significant other. 

These apps allow you to easily text or video chat with one another. 

Some of the most popular social media apps for long distance couples are Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. 

With paid services like Skype or FaceTime, long distance couples can video chat each other as well as make phone calls.

Get Creative on How You Invite Your Sweetheart to Date You

When you are away from the one you love, sending them an invitation to go on a date can be quite difficult.

 It’s not like taking a walk down the street and popping into their favorite restaurant. 

Sending out paper invitations is also something to skip if you’re trying to avoid extra costs for postage and ink.

Luckily for you, there are many creative ways for long distance couples to set up a date together.

Turn a Favorite Photo into a 3D Card

While it takes a little bit of work, you can turn a favorite photo into a 3D card. To do this first, 

you’ll need to take two identical photos and paste them together on your computer using photo editing software such as Photoshop. 

Then, using another software program called Glyphish, you’ll be able to animate the 3D depth from both photos and make the image pop out of the card. 

This can be an especially cool gift for any special occasion or anniversary. The good thing about this is that it requires no postage.

Create a DIY Magic 8 Ball

Long distance couples who like games and quizzes can try out this fun DIY project. 

First you’ll have to gather up a few pieces of paper and then write different questions on each one. 

For example, write “Would you like to go to dinner with me?” or “Where would you love for us to go on our first date?”

 Once you have all the questions written down, make sure that they are all different from one another so that your sweetheart doesn’t see the same question twice. 

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Roll them into separate tubes and secure them with rubber bands. Now, take a black marker and draw an 8 on the outside of each tube.

 Then, flip them over so that the questions are facing you and write “8Ball” on top. 

Finally, use a straw to poke a small hole in the center of each tube and slide it into the bottle cap. 

You can then write out your magic 8 ball questions and use these to play with your sweetheart.

DIY Flash Drive Date Night

Download two songs onto your flash drive that you love but haven’t been able to share with your significant other yet.

 Then when you are both free, choose a time to meet at one or both of your homes. 

Have your sweetheart come over to your place and put on the one song that is on there. 

When you meet up at your home, each of you can swap out the song to one you love listening to together.

Everyone is different and I know that not everyone uses smartphones or social media apps to stay connected with their significant other,

 but I hope this article gives you some ideas on how you can do that with little cost. 

If you have any other methods that work for you, I’d love to hear from you!

I just moved to a new city (3,000 miles away) and the distance is killing me. long distance relationship gadgets 2015

 I get that the more you see each other the more dependent on each other you become. But I just want to constantly see him and be in his presence.

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 Is there something wrong with me? I am a woman who has been dating another woman for over two years now and things were never this intense with her.