October 2, 2022


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Knives, Keychains, Pens & Carabiner – The James Brand

The James Brand is a handmade knife sharpening tool and keychain, created in Brooklyn. The design inspiration comes from the chisels themselves being crafted out of antique tools. The grinder is a simple way to sharpen any knife or axe blade using just a single hand. It will make your everyday task as a carabiner on your pocket or belt loop easier. The pocket knife is built in the United States with a handmade carbon steel blade. The keychain comes with a heavy duty belt clip, and a solid new key ring. The cap uses an antique sewing gauge to open, and allows you to keep your pen safe from getting lost. You can find it at the James Brand online store, or on Etsy.com as well.

Best way to sharpen my blades

The James Brand knife sharpening tool makes it easy for anyone to maintain a sharp edge on any knife, even serrated blades. When you purchase the knife sharpener you will receive instructions on how to use it along with warranty information. If you have any further questions, please email us

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Care for my knives and tools

We recommend cleaning your blade with soap, water and a rag as needed. To prevent rusting, we recommend oiling your blade before storage.

Knives come sharpened

Yes. All of our knives have a sharp edge when they ship out of our warehouse.

Changing blades

James Brand Knives are simple to change. You will need to turn the wrench until you can access the screw driver, then unscrew the center blade holder and replace with a new blade. The tool kit is available for purchase on our website for $4 if you lose or damage your screwdriver during this process. We recommend keeping a spare when purchasing multiple knives. Replacement blades are available for purchase on our site as well.

Knife – sharp

The James Brand has been hand sharpened on a lathe, grinding down the blade using only high carbon steel. The result is a razor edge.

Where can I store my knives? How long can I keep them sharp?

The James Brand keeps most all knives indefinitely sharpenable. However, we have customers that find they have not gone dull in as long as they expected and are happy to sharpen them again before their next re-sharpen. We recommend storing your knife in an easy to access location, such as the inside of your wallet or key ring.

Blade made of carbon steel and not stainless steel?

So long as you keep your knife clean, the carbon steel blade is perfect for most any application and will not rust. If left to its own devices however, it will begin to rust over time. A quick wipe down with a rag or a trip through the dishwasher will keep it clean and looking great. Over time, some people have experienced discoloration on their knives while others have not. Over time however, some people experience discoloration on their knife while others have not. It all depends on your environment and use of the tool. We recommend keeping your knife oiled to prevent any discoloration from occurring.

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What is the warranty? What is the process if something needs to be repaired or replaced?

The James Brand offers a lifetime warranty on all of our products. If you feel like something needs to be fixed, we recommend emailing us to see what can be done. We are happy to repair or replace your product accordingly.

Reason to buy The James Brand Knives? Which ones should I get for my first set?

The James Brand offers a wide range of tools and knives for every application from personal use, to professional use. We recommend our EDC kit as a great place to start – it comes with an axe, knife and keychain. If you enjoy the feeling of a quality design, we also recommend our core sets. If you are looking for something more specific, like a larger blade, thicker wood or handle style – we recommend our sets with those special features. We hope you enjoy your new tool as much as our customers do!


James Brand knife sharpener is an easy-to-use sharpener that will keep any knife or axe blade super-sharp. The James Brand keeps your blades in tip-top shape with a lifetime warranty, and you can use it to keep it that way at home or out in the field.