October 2, 2022


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Kendo Brands – Innovative Beauty Brand Incubator

Beauty industry has gone through a huge transformation over the past few years. Today, it’s not only about the products you put on your face but also about how you feel while applying them. 

That’s why Kendo Brands, a beauty incubator in Los Angeles and New York City, has launched their innovative beauty brand incubator program to provide genetic screening, custom formulas and customized packaging. The program focuses on providing brands with these necessary tools in order to create products that are tailored to their consumers’ individual needs and wants while still being stylish.  The incubator program also takes advantage of the products made in Los Angeles and New York City that are known to have the best quality. The products are sold in the Kendo Brands stores so people can test and try them. 

What is Kendo Brands Incubator?

Kendo Brands Incubator is a beauty brand incubator in Los Angeles and New York City. We specialize in helping beauty brands take their products to the next level through our three pillars of business: Innovation, Distribution, and Retail.

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How are the products made?

Our goal is to make every consumer feel like they are a franchise owner of their own magic formula. Our team goes through rigorous genetic testing to create custom formulas that are tailored to each consumer. We have found that this process alone yields a 65% conversion rate with consumers that purchase our products after trying them for themselves. 

What kind of products does Kendo Brands Incubator produce?

Our beauty brands include: Alaffia (raw shea butter line), Cantu (be-luxe hair styling line), Keto 2.0 (protein based weight loss shake), and Nicole Farhi (organic skin care). We are currently in the early stages of distribution with our first product, Alaffia.

What is the process for a brand to be accepted into Kendo Brands Incubator?

Kendo Brands Incubator does not accept products directly from beauty brands. Instead, we have developed a unique application process for brands that can be accessed by clicking here 

Can you explain how your formulations work? How do they cater to different skin types and ethnicities? What is everything made from? 

The formulas that Kendo Brands Incubator produces work very well with dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin. The protein of the formulas contains the most anti-aging ingredients in order to fight free radical damage. Because of this, if you have dry skin, you might want to try out our Alaffia line for its natural and simple formulas. This line consists of shea butter, soybeans and apricot kernel oil.

What kinds of customer service has already been provided through your products? 

Kendo Brands Incubator is currently in the process of developing customer service for our products. We are looking for a few customer service experts that are willing to help answer consumer questions and provide product suggestions.

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Do all of your products come from LA and NYC?

Most of our products are made in LA or NYC. A few products do originate elsewhere but are manufactured in one of the two cities for quality purposes.

Is Kendo Brands associated with Kendo Holdings?

Kendo Holdings is a global investment company based in Hong Kong with investments in retail, real estate, and technology. Kendo Brand’s parent company is New World Creative.


Kendo Brands Incubator is an incubator for beauty brands. We specialize in making each consumer feel like they are a franchise owner of their own product. The Labeling Division of our company helps brands with everything from packaging, to distribution and retail. While we do not accept products directly from beauty brands, we have developed a unique application process for them that is accessible by clicking here .