October 4, 2022


News and Update

J Brand – American Denim Clothing Company

At J Brand we design and produce premium denim. Our brand ethos is rooted in our history, our heritage, and our commitment to the American ideals of originality, individuality and independence.

We take pride in producing high quality jeans that are sold at an exceptional value for people from all walks of life. We believe in creating designs that contribute to a casual style without sacrificing durability or quality. With over 100 years of experience crafting jeans, J Brand has created legwear that becomes an extension of your identity – giving you a completely unique look while remaining true to yourself or enhancing your individual style with unique details such as embroidery or contrast stitching on leather patch details. Our products not only look great, but also feel great.

We take pride in crafting jeans that are made of premium fabrics and designed to last for years. Our jeans are made in America using a blend of natural and manmade fibers, including: 92% Cotton, 3% Polyester & 1% Elastane. The denim we use is sourced from top American mills and then dyed in our own dye house.

We believe that your style should reflect the kind of person you are, so we only use high quality materials to craft our designs.

We design our jeans to be worn over and over again. We believe that quality denim is not a one time investment. We are committed to producing the world’s best jeans and will continue to refine our processes and our materials to produce the best jeans on the market.

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We love denim and find it worn by some of the most creative people in society. Our passion is what drives us forward, so we continue to create designs that not only make you look good but also feel good too.

American culture has given us many different expressions of style – from cowboy hats to suits, from rock & roll music to hip hop. The true mark of a well-dressed person is not just one look, but rather an ability to build a wardrobe that can be worn at any time and place. We hope that the people that wear J Brand jeans can use them in their own creative way. Whether you are from the east or west coast, from the mid-west or a southern state, J brand denim will be able to fit your lifestyle.

Fabrics are used in products

We use the best denim we can find. We actually source the cotton, selvedge thread, and leathers from the same American mills we use to produce all of our jeans.

Reason for expensive?

The number one reason that might be surprising is because of the quality of denim we use in every product (which is sourced from the same mills as luxury/high end designers). The number two reason is because of our construction process, which makes everything we do a hand crafted art form. Though, to be fair we do not charge $200 for a pair of basic jeans. We never have and never will. Our price points vary in accordance with the price charged by the designer and their marketing expenses.

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Making jeans

Every pair of jeans we make is constructed by hand. We take pride in the craftsmanship and detail involved in every pair of jeans we create. The most intricate part of our construction process is actually making the denim, which is done by a specific group of people that only fabricate our products from start to finish. Each piece is worked upon, inspected, cut and fit based on every customer’s individual needs. Our product is crafted with precision and care for each detail so you can be assured it will fit perfectly, look amazing and last a lifetime.


The brand ethos of J Brand is strong and unique in its own way, which underlines the quality and the uniqueness in the clothing. All of these will help in shaping the image and brand of J Brand which are pretty good as a result.