October 4, 2022


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Interview Summary of Tomas Brand – Famous Adult Entertainer

Tomas Brand was born and raised in Germany, but moved to the United States shortly after birth. He has been a professional performer since he was 18 years old and is one of the fastest-rising stars in adult entertainment.

In this article we’ll interview Tomas Brand about his personal life, career, success strategies and advice for aspiring entertainers who want to be like him. His unique approach to adult entertainment is sure to provide insight into what it takes to become an international star in this industry.

Interview Summary:

Q) Tell us a little bit about your life, childhood and what it was like growing up in Germany?

Tomas: I was born in Germany and raised there. I moved back to the US when I turned 18 years old. It’s a long story but my family moved to Germany because my father spent a lot of his time traveling around Europe, especially the Austrian part of it because he’s from there originally. So that’s where my family is from. And then we moved back to the States when I was very young, so I’ve never been to Germany but I’m sure it has some memories for me as well.

Q) With your background in German and Austrian, how did you decide to become an entertainer? How did you initially get into the business?

Tomas: In my early years of performing, I didn’t know anything about adult entertainment at all. I was just a teenager and I was just performing for fun. Then I had this short skit in Chicago called ‘The Hotline’ and it got really popular there so I thought ‘Well maybe I should do this professionally, because this kind of stuff is really interesting.’ And that’s how it all started.

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Q) What sort of training did you have to go through in order to become a professional entertainer? What was the most difficult thing about being an adult entertainer?

Tomas: I always say it’s not so much hard work, but if you want to be successful at what you do, you need to study. If you want to be the best, if you want to make all of your dreams come true and fulfill your goals then you need to study. You need to learn from other people who are doing it. Learn how they act on stage and how they perform their shows and what kind of stuff they say on stage. How to entertain, what kind of character to play. You need to learn a lot of stuff.

The most difficult thing is that everybody says that it’s hard work but it’s really not. It’s just different, you know? I think it’s a lifestyle choice and if you go with your heart then it’s all right. If you go with your mind then it gets tough. For me the hardest part was at first when I went out there I didn’t know what was going on because everybody told me ‘You have to do this and you have to do that. You have to do this and you have to do that.’ So when I first started I think it was hard for me to understand what to do exactly.

Q) What would you say is the most valuable thing that you learned as a performer, both in terms of acting and performing?

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Tomas: First, I would say that the most important thing is to have fun. The most important is to have fun on the stage. To enjoy doing what you do. You see all those people who are out there trying really hard but they’re not enjoying it anymore because they are doing too much work and not having fun.


To be a successful entertainer, you need to have fun. It’s about the stage presence and being able to captivate an audience. Also public speaking is very important. Public speaking and communication skills are something that every performer needs to have. If you can make people laugh, feel comfortable and make them happy while they’re listening to your jokes or watching your show then you’ll win. Those are the most important things that I know that make people successful in this industry.