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Home to a Multitude of Companies- Gloucester Business Park

Gloucester Business Park is a commercial area in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA. It is home to many different companies that have moved into this area over the last couple decades. The businesses are spread throughout buildings with four levels and multiple buildings connected by walking paths as well as parking lots on either side of the street.

The building was originally constructed in 1959 at a cost of $1 million, but has since been completely renovated and expanded over time. The central portion of the building on level 1 houses a variety of companies including insurance brokerages, an accounting firm, art galleries and various professional staffing services such as FedEx Kinko’s Office Depot , and TASTE International . Level 2 houses the majority of the non-profits including the area’s YMCA , The Salvation Army and The Arc of Gloucester. Level 3 houses a few businesses like The Boston Globe , Stark Insurance and DeSalvio Hearing Solutions. Level 4 houses more professional services such as CVS/Minute Clinic, PetSmart, and Clover & Brown Insurance Agency . There is a UPS drop box in front of this building as well.


The parking lots on either side of the street are used for parking by tenants, customers, delivery services and visitors to the businesses in the park. This business park has been at its current location since 1959 and was originally built for the former Marden’s department store. The building was constructed by The Gloucester Industrial and Business Park Company, which started the project in January 1959. The eight-acre plot where the building stands was leased from Marden’s for about $2,500 a year. A contract for construction of the $1 million structure was awarded to AAA Building Company of Brockton . Work on the project began in February 1959 with completion in September that same year.

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In 1960, H.E.Marden sold his store to Aaron Feigen and Sons , who changed the store into a discount center called Marden’s Surplus , but it was later closed and then became a warehouse for many years until acquiring its current purpose as an industrial park. In the first year of operation, the industrial park generated $2.2 million in sales and $500,000 in taxes. In March 1960, Lucille Wills of Cape & Gilbert Insurance Agency moved into the Southside building and has been there ever since. In 1964, a cookie manufacturing plant called ‘Blythwood Cookies’ was opened by John J. Blyth Jr. . In June 1997, Cathy Hanlon of Hanlon-Cecchini Linden Associates moved into the Park Plaza I building from her old office in the former Hedera Headquarters in downtown Gloucester at 64 Chestnut Street . Cathy Hanlon moved her company here in order to expand her client base after the merger of the two firms.

In 1998, a portion of this building was added on and another building merged with it in 2000, which came as a result of the merger between Hedera and Petrolo that took place in 1996.

Major Development

In 2004, two major developments were built out by Petrolo, an office building on Park Plaza South with construction starting in May 2003 and an industrial warehouse building on Park Plaza North. Both are connected to the original Southside Building. Another retail space was leased for use by CVS/Minute Clinic and FedEx Kinko’s. Also in 2004, the Marden’s Warehouse was sold for $2 million and is now used as a parking lot for the surrounding businesses on Park Plaza South.

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A number of building projects are planned or under way at Gloucester Business Park including a new structure to house business development, computer systems and technology services along with a new central kitchen and conference site. A $650,000 needed renovation is also planned at Park Plaza North.


Gloucester Business Park has won numerous awards over the last several years: 

2010: Best Place to Work in Western Massachusetts by “MassLive” and “The Gloucester Daily Times”.

2009: Best Office Complex by “MassLive” and “The Gloucester Daily Times”.

2003: Best Office Complex by “Western Mass News”.


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