October 2, 2022


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Global Automotive Parts Company – First Brands Group

First Brands Group, a global automotive parts company, offers a comprehensive portfolio of quality products and services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry. First Brands Group has the capability to design, manufacture and supply low cost, high volume products as well as higher cost items with customized features.

First Brands Group provides OEMs with the ability to respond to market changes quickly and cost effectively. First Brands Group is a global supplier of parts for the automotive industry. Through a network of distributors and suppliers, First Brands Group supplies over 70% of all automotive product lines in North America. The company operates from seven continents and employs over 14,000 people. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, First Brands Group distributes its products through its own sales organization in North America as well as through independent distributors around the world.

First Brands Group was formed in 1977 to provide limited production runs of off-the-shelf products to various OEMs. In addition to parts manufacturing, the company offered certain aftermarket services and parts distribution. First Brands Group began its international business in 1985 when the company opened an office in the United Kingdom. Currently, First Brands Group has more than 10 offices worldwide with over 14,000 employees serving customers in 28 countries. First Brands Group maintains a highly efficient inventory management system that combines state-of-the-art computer equipment with on-site engineering testing facilities to assure supply of parts at competitive prices and delivery dates. All processes within First Brands Group are directed toward attaining consistent customer service levels worldwide with minimum risk of cost or quality problems.

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First Brands Group makes a wide range of products in several categories:

First Brands Group operates through its own distribution system in North America, Canada and Latin America. In addition, First Brands Group also distributes products through independent distributors around the world (over 70% of product lines in North America).First Brands Group Workforce Development Council provides workforce development opportunities for adults that have disabilities. The goal is to help them in obtaining gainful employment and to give them greater independence. Employees who are involved in the program are offered education and training programs designed to meet their individual needs and gainful employment skills.

These achievements represent that First Brands believes that people with disabilities can contribute just like anyone else to their organization and themselves personally. In this article, First Brands has demonstrated their dedication to making sure all of their employees have the opportunity to be successful at work and in life.

First Brands Group seeks candidates from all backgrounds who share our company’s sense of purpose, are motivated by continuous learning opportunities, value diversity and see themselves as leaders.

First Brands Group has been recognized by three major universities, Case Western Reserve University and Kenyon College each granting the company its first honorary degree in recognition of its achievements.Our organization operates through five primary business units: Timken Co., A First Brands Company; Federal-Mogul Powertrain Systems LLC; Cloyes Differential Manufacturing Co.; Dresco Industrial & Specialty Coatings; and Hercules Tires LLC. First Brands is an associate member of the OE Connectivity Association. We are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with plants throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe

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First Brands has made the commitment to support its employees and the community. They have invested in a youth-employment program and are a leader in workforce development. This commitment is so important because they want to improve the opportunities available to their employees, as well as improve workforce development programs for people with disabilities.