October 2, 2022


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Foodservice, Sanitary Maintenance, and hospitality – CFS Brands

There are two things that you have to think about when it comes to foodservice and hospitality: safety and quality. If you want your restaurant to be a successful business, these are key concerns that need to be considered. Fortunately, there is a company out there called CFS Brands who understands these needs and brings them into the market in innovative ways.

This article will introduce the company, their products, and their impact on the industry. It will also draw from their most recent press releases to highlight further how they are changing the face of the foodservice industry.

The company known as CFS Brands (CFSB) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It was started in 2008 by two brothers who were passionate about improving the experience of customers with foodservice and hospitality products. They wanted to make it easy for those in the industry to keep things clean and safe while also ensuring that a high quality of products was offered. They set out to present a new standard when it comes to kitchen supplies and equipment.

The company changed its name last year from Carlson Family Companies, Inc. to CFS Brands. This was done because the brothers wanted to be able to market their products in a more holistic way. They also wanted to be able to create more of an impact on this industry.

According to their website, they have three main goals: develop kitchen equipment that is safe, easy to use, and weatherproof. For the safety of their customers and their employees, they want all of their products tested, and then they want those products certified by NSF International (NSF) [National Sanitation Foundation]. They also see the need for foodservice professionals to be educated and trained as they go through life with these new kitchen tools in hand.

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This will help them improve the safety level of their customers and the products they use. They also want to be able to give their employees the tools they need to perform their jobs successfully – so they encourage them to get professional certifications that are offered. The goal is for CFS Brands to be part of industry professionals’ everyday lives in a positive way:

Why did the company change its name?

The company’s name was changed at Carlson Family Companies, Inc., to CFS Brands, because they wanted to expand their horizons and be able to market their products in a more holistic way. They also wanted to go after the foodservice industry as a whole and provide kitchen equipment that is safe, easy to use, and waterproof for kitchen staff and food service professionals alike.

What does NSF International (NSF) certification stand for?

NSF International is an organization who has set quality standards for all sorts of equipment which are used in commercial kitchens worldwide. All of their products are tested and certified by NSF to meet or exceed these safety standards.

What is the number one thing that customers want when they buy kitchen tools or equipment?

Foodservice professionals want items that are easy to use and will have a positive influence on the quality of their work and the safety of the food they serve. They also want it to get out stains in a safe way, be able to rinse clean, and be durable and last for a long time. 

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There are many different companies that are out there and they specialize in bringing their customers the best services or products possible. For example, if you go to Walmart you might find a wide variety of supplies, but if you go to Target you might find more fashionable items. Both have a market when it comes to foodservice and hospitality because foodservice professionals want supplies that will not only help them do their job better, but make them more comfortable as well.