October 4, 2022


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Florida Hardware Farm Equipment – Alligator Brand

Florida Hardware Farm Equipment, Inc. was founded by James Everett and his son, James Everett Jr. The company name was later changed to Alligator Brands in 1966. We specialize in a variety of farm equipment including fertilizer distributors, feed grinders, gas and oil tanks, grain bins and more! Check out our homepage for more details on the variety of products that we offer!

Our inventory consists of:

Agricultural Legumes Distributors, Air Cooled Fertilizer Distributors, Fiberglass Insulation Distributors, Grain and Fabric Bin Systems, Grain and Pellet Dispersers, Pollution Control Fertilizer Distributor Systems, Rotary Oil Tanks and Spares.

Types of farm equipment

We specialize in fertilizer distributors and grain bins. We provide the following to our customers: 

1. Farm land maintenance systems through machines and chemicals.- 

Fertilizer distributors are used for distributing chemicals and fertilizer to different farm fields. These machines are extremely beneficial in supplying the nutrients required by crops or plants. They can be attached to tractors and they usually have a hydraulic hose connected to the spreader mechanism. These heavy tires are ideal for open fields and can be used on roads and highways as well.

2. Grain bin systems.– 

Grain bins are designed to store harvested grains, seeds, and other agricultural products in bulk quantities using air space and temperature modifications as preservation mechanisms.. These bins come in several different shapes and sizes depending on how they were constructed – round, rectangular or even square.

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3. Farms that have animals to handle- 

Long or short hauling capacity- These trucks are equipped with bucket or hopper buckets that are used to load and unload the product. The entire equipment is simple in operation and easy to operate. The drivers can easily operate the truck without any special training. They can be spray-painted with colors to make them more attractive to customers.

4. Moving farm machinery.-

Moving farm machinery is a great addition to any farm. These heavy duty trucks are used for long hauling and long distance transportation of agricultural products; this makes it ideal for moving livestock, food, fuel and anything else that has to be moved from one place on a farm or ranch .

5. Farms that have vegetable gardens –

It is the most ideal product for all farms. These carts are completely different from other farm equipment. The carts have a flowerbed type of look but they are not just for decoration; they have specific functions that are aimed at maintaining gardens and flowerbeds. These units can also be used at home and on lawns, lawnmowers and lawn equipment is an essential part of any family’s life.

6. Manure spreading – 

Manure spreading is another great addition to any farm. These special carts are used to handle manure and other farm products without the need of special equipment. These carts are used in small farms and they are designed in such a way that they don’t create a mess when they’re emptied. The foam lid will not allow the materials to spill out. It’s important that these units are always clean, dry and maintained properly so that they can function at their optimum level.

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7. Storing crops – 

Grain, seeds and plants are all stored in these types of storage units. These units have the unique ability to store these commodities without damaging the crops. The storage units are easy to maintain and they do not require a lot of cleaning so they can save time and effort on the part of farmers.

8. Feed handling – 

When you want to feed the livestock, you can’t just go out and buy a large amount of feed. The feed must go to them in small quantities at a time; this idea is what makes it ideal to use tanks for feeding. These units are made from durable materials and they have excellent compartments. They make it easy for cattle or other animals to eat evenly and the animals will have an even distribution of food in their bodies

9. Harvesting – 

Harvesting is another important task on any farm .These grain bins are made from sturdy material that will not break easily under heavy loads. They can also be painted with different colors by use of spray paint; this is something good which every farm needs in order to look attractive.

10. Fertilizers and chemicals – 

Fertilizers and chemicals are vital for crops to grow. The fertilizers are important because they help crops to become healthy and nutritious. Chemical fertilizers come in the form of potash, urea, phosphates and other components that are necessary for the growth of plants. Fertilizers are used for many purposes including improvement of soil conditions or land preparation.

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11. Farm Equipment – 

Alligators brands is a team of experienced professionals with years of knowledge and experience in the fields of agriculture. We are one of the biggest importers and manufacturers of farm and ranch equipment in the area. We have a full stock, with all types, on display. All our products are thoroughly checked by our quality assurance department to make sure that you get only the finest quality products. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email for more information about our products and prices.

Conclusion –

The agriculture industry is one of the most profitable of all industries. With the farming industry continuously growing, more and more farmers are choosing to invest their hard-earned money into the development of their farms. The farming industry is full of challenges that farmers need to face every day. Equipment may be expensive, however it is worth every cent you spend on it. If you want to drive efficiency in your process and maximize your production, then it would be best that you start investing in high quality farm equipment like Alligators brands.