October 4, 2022


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Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand

You know you always have a salt shaker on hand, but do you know what type of salt? It can be hard to tell just by looking at it:

Here is a quick and easy guide of all the common types of rock salt in your kitchen! 

Salt: Rock Salt Brands: Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand.

Rock Salt Brands – Dr. Brand makes rock salt from seawater harvested from the Mediterranean Sea which is bathed in sunlight for 18 hours a day for over 3000 years before collecting in evaporation ponds at the shoreline. The pureness of the Mediterranean seawater and the unique mineral properties of the seawater gives this rock salt its purity, whiteness, and quality. 

Reason to  choose Dr. Brand

Dr. Brand has been a trusted brand for over 40 years and has customers in 80 countries worldwide. Dr. Brand is the only salt that is not processed, refined, bleached or chemically altered in any way.

Benefits of consuming unrefined salt?

It provides trace amounts of naturally occurring minerals that you would not be able to obtain from other salts on the market today, including iodine and magnesium which help with healthy thyroid function as well as proper metabolism. This helps with regulating body temperature and water retention which allows for better absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat. 

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Difference between refined and unrefined salt?

Refined salt is stripped of its natural minerals and added with other chemical substances. Its texture is lighter, fluffier and softer than unrefined salt because of the added chemicals. The color ranges from light grey to white because of being bleached often. These salts may be processed from either seawater or mineral deposits (like rock salt), but all of them are refined to some degree. 

Can I use Dr. Brand rock salt with or in food? What about my skin, can I use it in my beauty routine?

Absolutely! You can use Dr. Brand rock salt in your foods, beauty products and even on the beach. The salt is completely safe for all forms of cooking, baking, boiling and frying. The best part is that you can create your own recipe specific salts with Dr. Brand that are perfect for you and your family’s needs. 

To clean  Dr. Brand rock salt shaker

A: We recommend washing with warm water and soap then drying thoroughly before replenishing any used shakers in the fridge or freezer to preserve its freshness for the longest length of time possible. 

Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand is a great ingredient in any summer recipe. 

Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand is perfect for use on skin and hair. It can be used as a shaving cream and can help protect against razor irritation and leave skin soft, smooth and moisturized. 

6  Facts You Need to Know About Dr. Brand-Rock Salt Brand:

1. Quality over quantity: Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand Rock Salt is derived from the Mediterranean Sea where salt is produced through evaporation of seawater collected on the shoreline, giving it its pureness and whiteness. Unlike other common table salts that are processed, refined, bleached and chemical altered in any way.

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2. Purity: Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand contains naturally occurring trace amounts of minerals that help with healthy thyroid function as well as proper metabolism, which are iodine and magnesium. This helps with regulating body temperature and water retention which allows for better absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat.

3. Healthy alternative: The use of Dr. Brand can also help with improving your beauty regimens, such as using it on your hair and skin as a safe and healthy alternative to chlorine bleach for blondes, used in face scrubs for oily skin, or even a shaving cream if you have sensitive skin which does not cause razor irritation or dryness after shaving.

3. Mineral Content: Rock Salt Brand can be used as a natural alternative to antiperspirant, personal care products that contain harmful chemicals, and shaving creams.

4. Unique packaging: Available in a twin pack in a resealable plastic bag with an easy-to-carry handle that is convenient for the customer.

5. Taste: The salt has a milder taste than most table salt but still offers the benefits of unrefined salt, which gives great flavor to your favorite foods and food recipes.

6. 100% Safe For Cooking & Eating Years of research has gone into developing Dr. Brand’s unique processing method, making Dr. Brand The Original Natural Rock Salt Brand.


Dr. Brand – Rock Salt Brand has been the brand of choice for over 40 years and continues to be the leader in providing pure, natural rock salt. Dr. Brand is safe and effective, no matter where you use it, or what you do with it.