October 2, 2022


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Dog Behavior Consultations and Obedience Classes-No Monkey Business

Dogs are amazing creatures and some of the most loyal companions a person could ask for. They offer unconditional love, companionship, and many other wonderful benefits. However, all of these great traits come with their own set of issues. Sometimes dogs can be stubborn, disobedient, destructive or aggressive.

No matter what type of behavioral issue your dog might be facing there is help available to you and your pup! This article is all about dog behavior consultations and obedience classes to help fix any problem you may be having with your canine companion!.

What is the difference between dog behavior consultations and dog obedience classes?

Dog behavior consultation sessions are a chance for you and your dog to sit down with an experienced professional who can assist you with training issues or problems you may be having with your pup. Dog behavior consultations often use positive reinforcement or other positive reward based training tactics to work with problem solving or behavioral issues.

Dog obedience classes are usually scheduled weekly where you will learn the proper techniques and commands to train your dog. These types of lessons can be helpful for both beginner dog owners and those who have had their dogs for years but still want some pointers to help their pup become more obedient. Both dog behavior consultations and obedience classes can be done for a specific problem or with the goal of improving your dog’s current level of obedience or training.

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If you are interested in trying a dog behavior consultation session or dog obedience classes you will want to talk with your veterinarian about scheduling an appointment with a behavioral specialist that works with dogs. You can also ask your vet about having them recommend someone if you don’t know anyone who could help. A vet can write out a referral letter for the type of professional you may want to see for both services now and in the future.

What type of dog behavior consultations are available?

The type of professional or trainer you see for your dog behavior consultation session will depend on the types of problems you and your dog may be facing. You may want to look into the types of forms that services can use to help manage the different issues your greyhound or other breed may be facing. These include a Behavior Support Form (BSF) or a Behavior Contract Form (BCF).

Dog Behavior Consultations

There are multiple options for dog behavior consultations as well as options to see a specific type of professional or trainer. If you have an aggressive or fearful dog and are interested in seeing a veterinary behaviorist. This individual is trained specifically in dealing with behaviors that dogs might have due to the environment they live in or stress level. You can also contact your local Humane Society for information about free training for behavioral issues that may arise, or if you have a question about pet behavior!

Dog Behavior Consultation at Your Veterinarian’s Office

Although you may not be able to create an appointment directly with a veterinarian, these types of meetings can be set up with your vets office manager. They will book an appointment (at a set price) with a certified animal behavior consultant to come into the clinic and work one on one with you and your dog. This can be a great option for first time dog owners or those who want an individualized session to help through a behavioral problem you and your pup are experiencing.

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Dog Behavior Consultation and Obedience Classes

Another option when it comes to dog behavior consultation sessions is to contact the animal behavior professional that is located in your area. Sometimes pet owners will want to see a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) because they prefer structured lessons on dog obedience training and general dog training techniques.


There are many options when it comes to finding a dog behavior consultant or dog obedience class whether you are looking for lessons to help with a specific problem or want to work on your dog’s current level of obedience. If you have an aggressive dog, fear issues, or general behavioral problems with your pup, using a vet for a referral can be helpful for finding someone who can assist you.