October 7, 2022


News and Update

CLOAK – Lifestyle Apparel Brand

CLOAK is a lifestyle apparel brand for anyone who wants to feel empowered and fearless in what they wear.

At CLOAK we are committed to the idea that quality and comfort should never be sacrificed for style. We believe that modesty and femininity should not have to be compromised, so instead of shortening hemlines, we use innovative techniques to create longer garments with full coverage. We bring you the best quality of clothing at an affordable price so you can have it all – style, confidence, and comfort.

CLOAK was founded on the idea of creating uniquely fashionable, modest clothing for women. We want to create a brand that is as unique and innovative as each of our customers. We value all of our women, regardless of their age or walk-of-life, because we believe they all bring something special to the beauty of this world. The stories and experiences that they share are the reason we have created this company. They have inspired us to create a brand which serves its purpose through quality, comfort and individuality.

When creating CLOAK, we wanted to create clothing options which would appeal to a wide range of customers. We draw our design inspiration from our customers and their unique stories. Our customers have suggested that we consider new lines of clothing, as well as different fabrics and styles. We are currently considering developing a line of sleepwear and loungewear in addition to using new fabrics such as denim, silk, and leather.

We hope to provide clothing with a great deal of versatility to both young women looking for fashion-forward apparel which still affords them modesty, and the older woman who may be looking for professional clothing options or for clothes which can be worn for daily activities without sacrificing style. The older women have also requested clothing options which will allow them extra coverage when they exercise or need to get work done around the house.

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CLOAK clothing unique

We provide high quality, fashion-forward clothing that still affords its wearer modesty. We use non-traditional garment construction techniques to create longer garments with full coverage. Our garments are not simply “longer versions of classic styles.” We have rethought and redesigned each garment from the ground up to ensure that women get the best of both worlds – quality and comfort. A number of our customers have told us that our clothes fit better than those from the department stores because we pay close attention to our fit and construction details. We hope that our model poses the question, “Why do clothing companies only create a limited number of styles?” We hope to encourage designers to experiment with new and exciting fabric options. We also realize that our customers would like more sleepwear options, so we hope to develop those as well.


We are currently accepting pre-orders for our current line of clothing. We expect to begin full production shortly after that date and will begin shipping in 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind that every item is handmade and may take some time for us to process your order. In order for us to ship as quickly as possible, we will be only taking pre-orders at this time. For more details regarding our current line of products, visit our online shop or contact us by e-mail.


With our goal of helping women feel empowered and freed up to express their own unique sense of style, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for CLOAK.

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