October 2, 2022


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Classic American Menswear – Oobe Brand

In recent years, American fashion labels are finding it difficult to survive in a market where people are living off their credit cards. Seeing this trend, Oobe Brand was founded with a mission to “create value and satisfy the needs of consumers”. As an emerging clothing brand for men, Oobe is focused on enhancing the lives of customers by creating fashionable clothing that fits into their lifestyles.

This article will explore the founding history and philosophy of Oobe Brand as well as how they saved American fashion from becoming irrelevant and going bankrupt. The idea that gives Oobe Brand its edge over other brands is the “Lean Couture” concept, a series of principles and practices to help them move fast, innovate and compete.

“Lean Couture”

“Lean Couture” means quality at a price that can be afforded. The core idea of this concept is to have a limited number of quality points, and to release them as frequently as possible while maintaining the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. It is also about being able to influence the market by being able to continuously offer innovative products with attainable price points, staying in tune with customer’s needs for convenience, value and style.

How does Oobe Brand’s “Lean Couture” concept help them survive? We will explore this topic more in depth later in this article.

Where does the slogan “All-American Quality with a Style from Japan” come from?

Oobe Brand is a member of the H.S.H. brand group, the only fashion consortium between Japan and the United States. The founder of this group, Hiroshi Shiomitsu Shinno, is a Japanese businessman with deep roots in America. He believes that Japanese and American culture are very compatible, and has sought to bridge these cultures through his fashion company.

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“All-American Quality with a Style from Japan” originally started as an advertisement slogan used on promotional materials that drew inspiration from elements of Western culture while paying tribute to their traditional artisanship. This slogan was created in an effort to show that Japan can effectively blend the best of both worlds and create exceptional clothes. A perfect example of this is their leather jackets, which have rich detail and quality but do not look or feel too complicated or heavy. It’s a nice middle ground that allows the brand to appeal to both Westerners and Japanese customers.

Targeting customer

Oobe Brand targets men aged between 18-40 who are looking for stylish yet affordable clothing that can be used on any occasion. This demographic is most heavily concentrated on the West Coast of America, where there are very few fashion options available right now compared to other areas of the country.

However, their products are not just made for the West Coast, but are designed and produced to have a more nationwide appeal. The chain stores that currently carry their products have a wide range of customers from all over the United States, and upwards of 60% of them belong to the younger, 18-40 demographic. The limited number of fashion options available in other parts of America is another factor that has led to an increase in demand for Oobe’s clothing.


They are currently trying to make the same product in Hong Kong and Japan, so that they can maintain the highest possible quality level no matter where they are located. They also have a 12-hour production cycle, as opposed to other fashion brands that produce clothes 7 days a week. This allows them to produce high quality clothing at very affordable prices.

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In addition, their manufacturing process ensures that all of the materials used in their products are authentic and of the highest quality possible. Oobe does not use any cheap sweatshop labor or low-quality materials for any of their products.


Their slogan “All-American Quality with a Style from Japan” has succeeded in attracting customers who would potentially purchase other fashion brands. They are highly creative and innovative, and are able to cater to their customers with quality products that appeal to them and their lifestyles. Their focus on the West Coast of America, where there is a shortage of high quality clothing options that people would actually buy, has also helped Oobe Brand gain popularity.