October 4, 2022


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Canvas Beauty Brand Hair Products

Canvas Beauty is a high quality hair care company in the United States. They manufacture superior products that are designed to both beautify and protect hair. Their products are made with botanical extracts, and offer a natural way to care for your tresses.

Their products can be found at various retailers including Whole Foods, Target and Walmart.

At first glance, the product packaging looks fairly ordinary. It seems as though it would be a fairly average hair care company. However, when you learn more about the company, you begin to notice their unique qualities.

One of Canvas Beauty’s biggest factors that sets them apart is the company’s background. The owners are former fashion models. This sets them apart from many other hair care companies because they understand how important it is for their customers to feel good about themselves and their appearance. They realize that people spend a lot of time caring for their hair and want something that will work well on them. Because of this, they pay close attention to what ingredients go into each product and try to create products that are as natural as possible.

Difference between a conditioner and a deep conditioner

Conditioners soften hair, remove visible signs of damage, and are balanced for everyday use. For intense salon treatments, use a deep conditioner that contains solutions to hair concerns.

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Difference between a shampoo and a color protect shampoo

Shampoos cleanse hair. Color-protecting shampoos strengthen weak areas of the hair shaft to prevent breakage caused by brushing and combing while coloring or highlighting your hair. Shampoos usually contain mild cleansers such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which can strip color from dyed hair. In contrast, color-protecting shampoos are made with hydrolysed silk or keratin proteins to hydrate the hair and add shine. They also include vitamins and conditioning agents.

Difference between a root lift spray and a texturizing spray

Root lifters are weightless products that create body near the scalp by adding lift and volume to fine, flat hair. They usually contain alcohol-based ingredients like SLS that can leave hair limp if overused. Texturizers are usually aerosol sprays that hold curls in place without weighing down fine or limp hair.

Difference between a hair mask and a hair treatment

A mask is made with ingredients like clay, honey, and silk protein that can leave your hair feeling heavy or weightless. A treatment works to correct the damage caused by coloring and styling. Conditioners like hyaluronic acid add shine while keratin protein strengthens damaged hair.

Difference between a shampoo and a clarifying shampoo

​Shampoos are designed to cleanse in one pass while clarifying shampoos contain ingredients like SLS to deep cleanse the scalp by removing debris that can cause buildup and build up on the scalp. Products that contain SLS can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Difference between a hair spray and hairspray

Hairsprays are water-based products that contain alcohol and synthetic resins to add volume and hold hair in place. Hair sprays are alcohol-free and drier than hairsprays. They do not contain chemicals like alcohol, which can cause hair to lose volume over time.

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It is evident that Canvas Beauty cares about the products they make and their customers’ satisfaction. They take care to consider what goes in every product to ensure that it will be safe for their customers as well as beneficial to their hair. Their extensive background in fashion modeling allows them to create attractive products that are also beneficial.