October 5, 2022


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Business Park in Theale – Arlington Business Park

Need a business park in Theale? Arlington Business Park has everything you need. We have affordable offices, state of the art conference rooms, amazing open space and plenty of parking.

How much does it cost to rent?

The price does depend on the type of premises and size, but our business parks are very competitive in comparison with other companies in the area; we offer exceptional value for money within a stylish environment. Please contact us for further details and we will happily provide you with an idea as to what your requirements may be.

What type of premises are available?

We are happy to provide both office and industrial premises for lease, as well as a number of office-warehouse units, wherever you may need them. Having offices of all different sizes within the business parks is what makes it amazingly flexible. We can work with you on a bespoke basis to build your requirements into something your company will be proud to own.

What type of businesses can occupy the offices?

We have plenty of space available for all types of businesses, from large multinational companies to solo entrepreneurs looking for their first step up, providing them with a fantastic base to launch their business from.

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How big are the business parks?

Our business parks are huge, with plenty of room for expansion. From an office warehouse to a large industrial unit, your company will have breathing space which is hard to find elsewhere. Make sure you check out our dimensions page to see just how varied our premises are.

Where are they based?

We have business parks in Theale and Calleva Park, both in the heart of the local area in Berkshire. They are easily accessible by car on the A329M or A404M, and trains run past both locations too. If you need transport links, we can help you find a business park that is easier for you to travel to as well if required.

What kind of facilities are available?

There is a great sense of community at Arlington Business Park, as well as numerous facilities that are already there. An onsite car park is available, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to leave your vehicle any time you need to. You can also use the conference centre or open-plan working space, which we have on site in Theale, if you’re looking for that extra bit of flexibility.

How good is the security?We take our security seriously; we want you and your company to feel secure and happy in our business parks. Our trained staff will greet you at the door, making sure everything from property access to personnel safety is all taken care of.

What kind of maintenance is available?

Our maintenance teams have a great reputation around the area, providing stunning and reliable service to all of our clients. From repairing roof leaks and patching up holes in walls, to regular deep cleanings, we are here to help you maintain your residence for as long as you need us. We want you to feel at home, and help you through any particular difficulties we may come across with our expert advice.

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Is there parking?

It’s very important to us that our clients choose us because we provide excellent service first and foremost, but also because we provide them with an office or industrial space that also comes with a great deal of parking space. We know that parking near busy roads can be a problem for some people, but we encourage you to check out the dimensions page on our website to see just how much parking space we have available.

Can I use the kitchen?

Yes, we have a kitchen on site in Theale. If you think this may be useful for your company, please contact us to discuss it further; it is included in the price of all of our premises.


If you are looking for the best, you should come to Arlington Business Park. We know all of our clients will fall in love with the environment and professionalism we offer, as they do to this day. We want your company to feel at home here, and we’re always happy to provide additional information on any of our premises if necessary.