October 5, 2022


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Buffalo Business First Newspaper

News. Odds. Sports. Varsity and high school sports, as well as college and pro sports, with comprehensive coverage of hard news and features, a special section on Great Lakes news, columns from the city’s best writers on topics that matter most to Buffalo residents, business news — including industry trends, local investors roundups and a weekly column by The Buffalo News’ executive editor.”

The Buffalo Business First is our daily newspaper for the Western New York region. It is published by PMG Media Group and is a subsidiary of a publicly traded media holding company with other media assets, including: WIVB-TV and CW affiliate WNED-TV. The print version of the Buffalo Business First provides coverage to parts of Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Monroe and Wyoming counties. The publication goes to press Monday through Saturday throughout the Western New York region. The paper is available at multiple locations in the region, either on newsstands or at convenience stores with their daily Sunday papers; it can also be read online from the newspaper’s website.

Buffalo Business First newspaper

“The Western New York region struggles for true, hard news coverage as the media industry changes. We’re continuing an established tradition of journalism in the area and with our online-first strategy, we are producing a daily newspaper that will be written by local writers for local people.”

Western New York media market

“The Buffalo Business First serves the Buffalo-Niagara market, covering parts of Erie and Niagara counties in New York state and parts of Erie county in Pennsylvania. The Buffalo News has traditionally covered more than 20 counties in three states. In addition to its extensive print circulation, The Buffalo News has a significant digital presence on its website.

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Buffalo Business First funded

“As a news-gathering organization, The Buffalo Business First will be supported by advertising. The business model is based on something called ‘transaction journalism,’ which means we will be delivered at a set price and as long as our readers love what they’re getting, they can read us ad-free.”

Print version

“Yes! We are publishing the Buffalo Business First in print Monday through Saturday. We are also delivering our print product to the homes of thousands of News subscribers in Western New York. We’re placing papers in major retailers for sale at their newsstands and places like 7-11. We’re showing our advertisers that we have a strong and growing audience.” “We publish every day, Monday through Sunday. The print product is produced six days a week right here in Buffalo. Staff get to work on Monday morning. We have an impressive list of columnists and contributors, each of whom has his or her own job to produce content week-to-week.”

Charge to read the Buffalo Business First

“The price is truly free. Just sign up for our e-mail newsletter to receive your free Buffalo Business First each and every day. Also, you can enjoy a sample of the business coverage that’s in our print product each week by downloading it here.”

Selling ads

“On Monday and Tuesday, we have a full-page ad for all advertisers.” “Yes, theBuffalo Business First is a member of the American Press Association (APA). The Buffalo Business First is also certified by the Council for Marketing and Public Relations Standards as meeting the standards of excellence expected by APA members.”

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“Our online publication has quickly become one of the most popular business newspapers in the region. The Buffalo Business First publishes a local news product, written by local writers for local people.”