October 2, 2022


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Brand Park – A Recreation Facility in Mission Hills

Brand Park, in the Mission Hills community of San Diego, has a lot to offer visitors. From fresh air and exercise in nature to competitive sport and healthy foods, Brand Park is a great spot for all ages.

Besides these activities, there are plenty of things for families to do at Brand Park as well. Some of the park activities include sand volleyball courts, carousel rides that are considered “family friendly”, amphitheater concerts with live entertainment, picnic pavilions and grills.  In addition to this diversity of recreation and fun activities offered by Brand Park, you will also be able to find great food options nearby on both 5th Avenue as well as outside the park at other restaurants nearby on California Ave.

There is no doubt that Brand Park offers plenty of activities and services to the residents of Mission Hills and surrounding neighborhoods, but it also plays a role in protecting Mission Hills’ precious natural resources. The goal of green space like Brand Park is to provide residents with more recreational opportunities as well as maintaining the beauty of nature. With its nearly 2300 acres, Brand Park serves as a natural environment for plants, animals and humans alike.


A: Brand Park offers a wide variety of activities and services to residents of Mission Hills. One of the most popular offers is the brand new swimming pool. Brand Park has been a pool in the past; however due to the rising costs of upkeep and skyrocketing property values, it was decided that the pool would be closed. A new pool was built in the summer of 2013 and is open all year round for swimming at no charge. The pool provides an opportunity for Mission Hills families to enjoy a swim not only with their children but also with friends and relatives from other neighborhoods as well as throughout San Diego County. Brand Park also offers tennis courts, a playground and an area for sports activities including soccer, football, baseball and more. Brand Park also offers special events throughout the year including hip hop performances at the amphitheater and numerous other different events that are available to residents of Mission Hills.

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Brand Park – growing

 Due to the fact that there are nearly 2300 acres of land that make up Brand Park, it is difficult to estimate how much more space Brand Park will take up in Mission Hills. The common reason cited for why this is hard to estimate is that any plans of growth in Mission Hills would need administrative approval from Mayor Faulconer’s administration

Manages Brand Park

Mission Hills is a city that is managed by the mayor of San Diego as well as the City Manager and his/her administrative staff. The mayor of San Diego was first elected in 2014 when he defeated Bonnie Dumanis, who currently serves as District Attorney in San Diego county. Mayor Faulconer’s administration takes care of a number of different aspects within Mission Hills including, but not limited to, managing all planning for future growth and development, establishing city services and maintaining Brand Park. 

Mission Hills does have a city council which consists of 6 members however it is currently unclear what roles they play in managing Brand Park. As the city grows it is imperative that growth be sustainable and that urban planners work together to develop plans for the future.

Are there any plans for operational changes or improvements to Brand Park?

The City of San Diego manages Brand Park most effectively by using research, open participation and community feedback over time to create new priorities and recommendations for both growth and preservation of the park, its surroundings and natural resources.


Brand Park, in the Mission Hills community of San Diego, has a lot to offer visitors. From fresh air and exercise in nature to competitive sport and healthy foods, Brand Park is a great spot for all ages. Brand Park Features

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