October 5, 2022


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Best Tattoo Ink Brands In The World

There are so many manufacturers of tattoo ink around the world, but the best tattoo ink brands in the world come from Ben Nye and Mehron. These companies have been around for decades, and their products are famous for quality.

The skills and techniques that these brands teach artists is also incredible. These companies know exactly what they’re doing, and they cater to the needs of the artist. They always want to keep their consumers happy by all means possible, and that’s why the popularity of these brands is so high.

Do you want to know which are the best tattoo ink brands in the world? Read on!

Ben Nye Tattoo Ink is a very famous brand in this industry. It is widely used for tattoos as well as for cosmetics. The color palette includes tints, metallics, pearls, and pastels. Artists enjoy using this product because it looks just like skin color.

The pigment is of high quality, so it lasts until the removal of the tattoo. The color pigments are very fine, and it is really easy to blend the colors. It comes in a wide range of shades – from red all the way to yellow – so you can use this for various skin tones.

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One of the first artists who used this brand was Thomas Hooper. He even encouraged other artists to use Ben Nye for their own practice and for other clients. He taught Mikki Van Brunt how to use it as well and made her a popular name in the tattooing industry.

Mehron’s tattoo ink is also widely used because they produce a lot of different colors that would suit anyone’s taste. Their products include: Color Wheel, and 4 other colors – red, green, black, and white.

This ink is used by artists who like to make bold tattoos. It is also a good option for someone who wants to create a design that can stand out from the crowd at first sight. It is recommended for experienced tattooers only as it comes in large bottles with high concentration of pigment.

Mehron Tattoo Inks by Mehron are produced in Germany. They are famous for the use of coloring agents in their solutions. This makes their ink waterproof and prevent it from fading away even at first use.

They are a famous brand of tattoo inks around the world, and people like to use it because they consider its quality to be equal or higher than Ben Nye Tattoo Ink. They also offer a lot of different shades that one can choose from. The ink is not as water resistant as Mehron’s, but it can be used for more than 10 years without fading.

The artists who make tattoos with this ink claim that it would require 8-10 applications to get the desired effect. This means that one will have to purchase it over and over again before he/she gets the desired result.

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How should I store my tattoo inks?

A. It is not recommended to store tattoo inks inside the refrigerator. It will cause the pigment to clump, so you will have a hard time using it on your clients.

Is there an expiration date for my Ben Nye Tattoo Ink?What are the tips for using Ben Nye Tattoo Ink?

A. Yes, there is an expiration date for your inks. Just follow the label and check out when you should stop using it. After that, discard it properly or use it for other purposes such as cosmetics or productions of art materials – as long as you don’t apply it on skin anymore.

Try to keep your Ben Nye Tattoo Ink in a dry and clean place. Do not leave it in areas with direct sunlight or heat. Follow proper hygiene as well as safety measures and wear latex gloves while handling the ink.

How do I dip?

A. Dip is actually one of the most important tools of a tattoo artist. If done properly, it can give you a smooth finish and prevent your client from having redness on the area where the tattoo was made. It would also make your job look professional, so you should practice this multiple times before actually doing your first tattoo design.


When you’re choosing a tattoo ink, make sure that you know what brand the artist uses. Some artists may use more than one brand, but this is not recommended. It is important to choose a good quality, and this would help you save plenty of money in the near future when it comes to your tattoos.

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