October 4, 2022


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Award Winning Business Water supplier – Business Stream

Water suppliers that create great tasting water and experience from their customers like Business Stream will lead to growth and success.

At Business Stream, we are committed to creating the most beautiful, incredible well for your business. We offer a variety of innovative services and solutions for all your needs.

We are no ordinary water company.

Business Stream is the leading solution provider in the water industry, providing an exceptional quality of service and products to our clients. Award-winning Business Stream is a market leader in terms of service and value, thanks to our vast experience, long term relationships and particular focus on the needs of small businesses. At Business Stream we are dedicated to you…

Our Water Services

The Water Industry is full of different aspects, we have chosen to focus on the following three areas, which represent our core service. This section is where you can find more information on our services, it should be read carefully as they are an integral part of our product offering.

We can offer different levels of service and products to support a wide range of water needs and budgets. Having combined years of experience in the water industry means we will always find the right solution and price to meet your budget and requirements:

Business Stream offers a complete range of unique value added services for your business that can enhance your business or building in many ways: IT Support, Building Maintenance… to name but a few.

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Business Stream is your business partner for optimum performance for all your water needs, the right solution for each budget and type of building.

Customer service is not just a “nice to have”, it is an absolute requirement in our industry. We are dedicated to providing solutions and support options that meet your specific needs and budgets. Our service levels are designed to deliver maximum value with minimum hassle, ensuring your business receives the right support at the right cost.

Our Water Products:

At Business Stream we pride ourselves on our ability to source top quality products at the most competitive prices we can offer.

 Why is Water so important?

 Our bodies are made up of between 50-70% water, our cells are 80% water, they need a constant source of water to keep working efficiently. This is why we drink water every day and why it is vital to our survival…

 What do I need to know about Seawater?

Water obtained in deep sea areas often contains large quantities of minerals and salt, this may result in the bad taste and colour that can be found in some bottled waters. The amount of salt may also be higher than with clean drinking water.

Originally, this was bad news to people on modern ships, who had to use water that might be a hundred or so years old. However, this situation has changed dramatically with the advent of modern desalination techniques. In fact, nowadays it is virtually impossible to retain taste and colour from sea water in drinking water.

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Does the Business Stream use Seawater?

No, we do not use seawater; our water is totally natural and contains no salt or minerals at all! The quality of Business Stream’s tap water is rated as being equivalent to the best drinking waters available in the world today.

 How much does it cost?

 Our prices start at US$40 per month and are usually less than US$1 per day.


The truth is that Business Stream water service is the highest quality water available. It is better than bottled water and less expensive than other companies. We also offer great customer service to ensure that we meet your needs and budget.

So, if you are looking for a Business Stream Water supplier then look no further, they are the best in their field!