October 5, 2022


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All About Talc-Free Makeup Brands

It’s been a long time since women have had to choose between safe skin and makeup, but the market is still heavily saturated by products that contain talc. What else is in other cosmetic products? It can be hard to tell, which is why we made this list of the best brands of talc-free makeup. Check out our blog post for a comparison of each brand!

The health risks associated with talc use are high. These companies have decided not to use it in their products because they don’t want any risk associated with it, and so should you! Let’s start with the list:

This blog post will compare nine top favorites of brands that do not contain talc. You’ll find out if talc is in the products, if it’s safe for your skin, and how it makes the skin look.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what is in each product and how you can use their unique properties to your advantage. If you’re looking into toxic free beauty products that don’t contain talc, we have an article on that too. Check them both out!

What is talc? 

Talc is a mineral that is mined underground, usually in the form of a rock. It is a very fine and soft powder that has many different uses. You may have bought talc powder or looked at makeup with the ingredient being listed as “talcum,” which stands for talc. While there are some good uses for talcum such as body powder, it is not something you should be putting on your skin as an ingredient in cosmetics. (Source). 

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Does all makeup contain talc? 

No, not all makeup contains talcum powder in the ingredients list. However, many brands have talc as an ingredient in their makeup products. Q: What is talc used for? A: Talc is used in a wide variety of cosmetic products. It is used to add volume and sheen to cosmetics, ease the absorption of moisturizers or act as a skin-softener. You see this ingredient most commonly in eyeshadows and blush, because it allows the product to be soft and smooth on your skin when applied. It works great for impressing clients or making yourself look better for a first impression.

What is the difference between a loose powder and pressed powder? 

Pressed powders are made with the same primary ingredients as loose powders, but the difference is in how they are pressed. Pressed powders are often made in a machine that presses the product into a perfect circle using high pressure. The powder then has to be cut into circles with a circular saw. Loose powders are usually jarred by hand or shaken to give them their shape. However, the final product looks almost identical in both formats. The main difference between the two is one of price point, because loose powders will naturally be less expensive than pressed products due to their manufacturing process.

The health concerns about talcum powder are very real. The term “talcum powder” is just a more elaborate way to say “talc,” which is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s very soft, and you’re more likely to find it in your makeup than in rocks around your house because it has been purified, pressed and made into a fine powder. People have used it in one form or another since the Stone Age to keep their skin soft and protect their skin from chafing, but there are some risks associated with using talc in your cosmetics.

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Are cosmetic products containing talc safe? 

Yes, cosmetics that contain this ingredient do not pose any health risks to the users. In fact, many of these items are even safer for your skin than the ones that don’t contain talc. They are also gentler on your skin and will not stain or irritate your skin like some other cosmetic products. They dry more quickly and will more easily blend into your foundation or concealer giving it a more natural look. It’s the ingredients in these products that truly make them great for your skin and just as safe as the ones without it. There are some considerations you’ll want to make when choosing between brands, however.


All of the products we recommend on this list are safe for you to use, and some even work better for your skin than the ones without talc. Makeup artists have an easier time blending these products into a flawless look, because they have similar textures and less powder which can make your face look cakey or heavy. Talc is a type of mineral that has been used for thousands of years so it’s not going to go away anytime soon.