August 13, 2022

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Wearing mismatched pants with a shirt again and feeling the mocking stares? Not sure whether to pair a cardigan and a bowtie? Are you scared and uncomfortable in clothing boutiques? Exhale! There is a modern style for people like you, the normcore style.

The normcore style has become popular in the last decade. Let’s take a look at this interesting modern style which allows you to feel comfortable and be trendy at the same time. The term comes from the words normal and core, which can be translated as “at the heart of the style is normal, ordinary things.” This definition will undoubtedly appeal to anyone tired of all the glamour, sports chic and other hipsterism and gay aesthetics.


Normcore is a fashion trend that implies an emphatically simple, unpretentious, yet functional and comfortable style of dress. The word “normcore” is formed from normal (normal, ordinary) and core (heart, core). The essence of the philosophy of normcore is that clothes are not given to us to stand out among others. Each person is unique in himself, and it does not matter how fashionable or expensive he is dressed. Normcore clothes should be comfortable and simple, and for every season to change half of the closet is not necessary, and there is no need for extravagance.

Which clothes should you wear for this style? This term describes a trend that has become prominent among independent, interesting, progressive-minded people, among others, to dress emphatically simply and functionally, without deliberately standing out from the crowd. Simple hoodies, shirts and T-shirts, comfortable jeans without any noticeable “identifying marks”, pantsuits with a comfortable cut, sweaters, jackets, coats or windbreakers, comfortable shoes… So, the basic set of the adherent of normcore style is approximately the same, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman.

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  1. Comfort and functionality. This means that it is not necessary to suffer getting up daily on high heels or squeezing yourself into too narrow jeans. Clothing in the style of normcore must be comfortable, it must be chosen according to the season. Normcore clothes look as if you have just sat at home and played on and then threw some threadbare jacket on your shoulders and went to a store. 
  2. Unisex

Normcore is not characterized by a division of humanity into men and women. There are a lot of unisex things in this style of clothing, from bunny caps to coats to sneakers. 


Well, this style is convenient, simple, and functional. And it’s also the fact that normcore, which denies fast-changing trends, doesn’t have to be anti-fashion or anti-colour at all. Maybe it doesn’t suit everyone. But for those who do not like to spend too much time choosing an outfit and who are not afraid to blend in with the crowd, normcore or its elements can quite help to make a workable comfortable closet.

If you like the philosophy of normcore, you can try this style on yourself. Although it is very likely that your closet already contains things that can be used to create at least one image in this spirit. Think about comfortable shoes, in which you can easily walk a few kilometres, sneakers, flip-flops, and old loafers that look like slippers for home. However, normcore is more than a style, it is a kind of fashion religion with its philosophy. Many brands that are trying to keep up with the times are actively exploiting the bows of these trends and even developing products that may appeal to the young rebellious generation. Are you ready to explore the world of normcore?

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