October 2, 2022


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9Lives Brand – Reintroduces Morris the Cat in New Campaign

Morris the cat was made famous by what brand of cat food?

Morris, the 9Lives Brand mascot, makes a welcome return to our shelves with a new campaign to honor those who are no longer with us.”.

If you love cats and you’re feeling nostalgic, this is the perfect time to share your most cherished memories of Morris. Remember when he was just a little kitty, coming into my life in an unexpected way?

I know that feeling all too well. I remember back when we were packing up our house and I had spent several hours on eBay finding an old record player that would work as part of my new art studio. I was so excited, until I opened up the package and saw Morris.

My husband said it was my fault for not paying attention to what I was bidding on, but I knew he had purposefully bid on the item with a very high reserve. He was always like that – always trying to make me pay with the promise of something in return. But this time, it was different. This time Morris came into my life in an unexpected way.

I’ve never really been a cat woman. The idea of having a pet that required some sort of care other than eating seemed like too much work for me, especially when my husband and kids were going to be just as needy as any pet would be. But the moment I saw this little fella looking up at me with those big green eyes, I knew I had to own him.

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He was just so cuddly, he was always looking at me with those doe-eyes and he just loved to snuggle up next to me while I worked on my computer. It was like he understood exactly what I was doing and why it was important.

And then one day, without warning or explanation, he stopped being a cat and became something else – something entirely different.

Why did you choose to share Morris through the 9Lives Brand?

Even when we developed and branded the 9Lives Brand, it was never my intention to introduce Morris as a brand ambassador. But with social media being such a powerful tool, there is no denying that it is influencing consumer behavior. As I see this trend continuing forward, I believe that cats are only going to become more in-demand than ever before.

I think every pet owner has a story like this one; one where Morris inspired them to care for something other than themselves. Let’s celebrate that and create lasting memories for generations of future cat lovers.

About new Morris

We’ve had a lot of fun with this campaign and want to keep it going for as long as we can. I think that most people don’t find me all that interesting, but everyone loves a good cat story! If you really want to know the scoop on Morris, then watch the video. I hope you enjoy it!

Blair Underwood is an award-winning actor who currently stars in CSI: Cyber on CBS, which is in its second season. He appeared in last summer’s blockbuster, Jurassic World and can currently be seen in the Golden Globe-nominated film “Southside With You. He has also appeared in the films “The 5th Wave,” “The Internship” and “Big Daddy.”

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In this campaign, Blair Underwood is playing a character that he may think is “boring” in the sense that he is not the center of attention. But really, it’s quite the opposite. The actor speaks to us from a highly emotional place as we are watching Morris being captured by an animal control officer who will ultimately euthanize him at the local animal shelter. So, if you can’t be there for Morris in real life, then at least you can share your cherished pet memories on social media and make sure that his legacy lives on forever.