October 7, 2022


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9 Worst Rated 5th Wheel Brands To Avoid

The 5th wheel is the trailer that attaches to the kingpin of a semi-truck. It’s a type of travel trailer with slide-out sections and collapsible furniture, usually made of galvanized steel.

There are many 5th wheel brands on the market, but some are better than others. The 9 worst rated 5th wheel brands you should avoid include:

1) Keystone Cougar

Keystone Cougar is not well known, but it has a very strong following. The trailers are durable and well made, with great features such as fireplaces and entertainment centers. However, the owners of these trailers tend to be less than honest about operational costs. They sometimes claim that monthly payments would be less than you expect; however, in reality, they cost far more than what you would expect to pay.

2) RV Coach Works

RV CoachWorks is another brand that has a loyal following. This company also offers wonderful features such as energy efficient design and appliances that are easy to use. The real problem with this brand is that they are not as good as they claim to be. They offer plans that promise you’ll save money, but in reality, you will end up paying a lot more than you could have expected.

3) West Marine RV

West Marine RV is another 5th wheel brand that claims to be inexpensive, but this isn’t the case after all. The owners of these trailers try to sell them for a great deal at first, but the truth is that the financing costs and maintenance fees are far higher than what you can expect to see from other brands. In addition, these trailers have poor ratings from customers due to their high maintenance costs and disappointing customer support services.

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4) KZ Spree

KZ Spree is a newer brand that has been gaining popularity. It’s not as well known as others, but it does have some of the best features available. The biggest problem with this brand is that it is clearly overpriced. If you think you’ll save money with these trailers, you’re going to be very disappointed when the monthly payments are charged to your bank account each month. Other issues include reports of poor customer service and a lack of comprehensive insurance coverage on the trailers that they sell to consumers.

5) Grand Designs RV

Grand Designs RV should be avoided at all costs. The owners of these trailers often charge you far more than you would pay for a well-known brand such as Keystone. In addition, many of the parts that are included with the purchase of your new 5th wheel will be subpar and far less durable than what you might expect to see from other brands.

6) Cruiser RV

Cruiser RV is one company that has been around for a while. However, they have been suffering major losses due to their uncompetitive prices and subpar equipment that they include on their trailers. The biggest problem with this brand is the lack of customer service. They have very limited hours and your calls will not get returned if they are placed outside of the business hours provided on their website.

7) Rockwood Aventa LX

Rockwood Aventa LX is another brand that you should avoid. The trailers are not as well made as some others and they do not have the features you can expect to find in other models. In addition, they have poor ratings from customers due to their high costs and inferior customer support services.

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8) Westren RV

Westren RV is another brand that should be avoided if you want to save money on the purchase of your new 5th wheel trailer. These trailers are very poor quality and have poor ratings from customers who have owned them for a long time. The company has been offering poor customer service for years and they do not appear to be improving in this area.

9) CrossRoads RV

CrossRoads RV is not a well known brand, but they are still being sold at a surprisingly high price. These trailers are very poorly made and would likely require you to replace them in as little as a few months after purchase. Since the company is fairly new, there is no history on them and it’s hard to say how long they will continue to operate as a business.


There are many brands of 5th wheel trailers on the market, but it’s very important to research your purchase before you buy. You’ll want to avoid the 9 brands that appear in this article and choose one that is well known and will give you the features you want without an overly high price tag.