October 2, 2022


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7 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands At Target

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Today, we’ll be reviewing 7 sustainable clothing brands at Target who are making waves in sustainable fashion for various reasons. We’ve selected these brands based on several criteria: how easily they can be shopped online and in-stores, their commitment to sustainability, customer reviews and online research. All 7 of these brands are easily accessible online at Target.com and in-stores.

7 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands At Target Review:

The following 7 players are the best sustainable clothing brands at Target:

1. Red Wing Shoes by Alden Footwear 

 Red Wing Shoes by Alden Footwear is the most popular among customers due to its well-crafted products with comfort and style. Red Wing has a “Made in USA” policy, company history and a strong craftsmanship, dedication to their customers, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. The shoes have been delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. Red Wing Shoes has a dedicated e-commerce store and a customer service team that welcomes any questions or concerns.

2. Conscious Clothing by Organic Cotton Folk 

Organic Cotton Folk is a company that is committed to the environment, social justice and community engagement. They specialize in purchasing fair trade, organic and eco-conscious cotton directly to the nations where they are produced while keeping away from harmful chemicals and synthetic fibers. In addition, their clothing are all manufactured domestically in the U.S., which makes them more responsible for their impact on the environment.

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3. Wildfang

 Wildfang is a sustainable clothing company that features its own line of women’s apparel and accessories. Its award-winning mix of vintage, modern and original designs are “designed to be worn by the woman who goes out into the world and tames it.” Not only that, but they also use fabrics that come from suppliers who adhere to a sustainable standard. Their goal is to make sure every piece you are wearing is produced ethically, fairly and responsibly.

4. Altura Boots

Altura Boots is a women’s footwear company located in Portland, Oregon. They pride themselves on using the highest quality, sustainable materials and premium products so they can provide their customers with the best possible products. Altura focuses on three main causes: 1) Leadership in Sustainable Business (LSB) 2) Conservation of Natural Resources (CoNR) 3) Support of Fair Trade Practices (FTP).

5. Lola Wines

Lola Wines is a wine company that features wines made with organic and sustainable practices, ethically crafted and featuring the best taste possible. The goal of Lola is to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem that supports healthy living and a sustainable living for their customers.

6. Overtime

Overtime features clothing for women and men. Its goal is to provide the best quality sustainable clothing without sacrificing on comfort, style or functionality each season. Each piece of their clothing is handcrafted in Brooklyn NY with the finest sustainable materials, which makes their products more durable and stylish.

7. Parley For The Oceans

Parley For The Oceans is a brand that focuses on the environment (polar fleece). Its products feature recycled plastic bottles and Parley Ocean Plastic™. The idea of this brand is to create sustainable fashion by using recycled materials and by decreasing the use of virgin plastic.

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The list of 7 best sustainable clothing brands at Target above have been categorized into 3 main categories (1) Red Wing Shoes by Alden Footwear (2) Conscious Clothing by Organic Cotton Folk (3) Wildfang, Altura Boots, Lola Wines, Overtime and Parley For The Oceans. Each category is a different subcategory that helps us better understand the company’s mission, vision, commitment to customers, products and environment.