October 2, 2022


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5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 3 Limited Edition

Welcome to the third edition of our surprise mini brands post. Mini Brands is a card game where players can create a miniature version of their favorite brand or company and try to take over the world as they make their way from one country to another. The first two editions have been very popular, so we are releasing this third limited edition where 5 random players will receive each of these 5 surprise minis! If your name is chosen, then you’ll also be able to print a full size version of your mini brand for yourself and play with friends!”

If you’re like us, then you’ve been eagerly awaiting this series 3 release… so, here it is! Each of these 5 surprise minis will be a different brand, but with the same theme: LIMITED EDITION.

Here are a few things to know about these limited edition mini brands:

What does this mean? 

This means that you only have 1 chance at receiving each of these 5 surprise minis. If you open a duplicate copy of one or more of these minis then you will not receive any additional copies.

How do I get my hands on one of the 5 Limited Edition Mini Brands? 

This new series will be released in the Topps app (in game) tomorrow morning. These 5 surprise minis can be found within “Series 3” packs, just like other series 3 releases. 

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How many Series 3 packs do I need to open? 

It is estimated that you will need to open between 15-20 Series 3 packs to receive all 5 of these Limited Edition Mini Brands. We recommend opening 4-8 packs per day, as you can get both Series 1 and 2 mini brands in these first few days. Once the surprise mini brands are all gone, then we will publish the full list of names included within this third series. Each episode will begin on Friday at 9am EDT (EDT = Eastern Daylight Time) in the Topps app for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Remember to check out the Topps BUNT Facebook Group and share your screen shots of you opening these surprise mini brands with other players!

What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android device? 

You are not able to collect these minis in the Topps app, but there are still plenty of ways for you to get these 5 Limited Edition Mini Brands! If you have friends who play the game, then be sure to ask them to send you their series 3 packs when they open them. Also, check out YouTube and Reddit where there are many players who often upload their own pack openings. Lastly, don’t forget that we’ll publish the full list of names here once this series is finished.

How do I open packs?

Packs can be opened through the Topps app. For Android you should use “Google Play”, and on iOS you should use “App Store.” You’ll also need to be logged into your Topps BUNT online account in the app before you can purchase packs.

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How do I collect my mini brand once I open a pack?

Once you have acquired series 3 packs, simply tap on the “Packs” tab at the bottom of the screen within your Topps BUNT app. All of your acquired series 3 packs will be in this list, and tapping on a pack will automatically give you its contents. You will then see a “Mini Brands” tab within the app. Simply tap on the mini brand you’d like to collect, and it will be added to your collection of mini brands.

I don’t have a Topps BUNT online account. Can I still get hold of these limited edition minis?

Yes! You can also purchase packs within Topps BUNT by linking your Facebook account so that you can purchase packs and earn coins towards future packs. Simply go to the “Settings” tab within your Topps BUNT app, and then select the “Link Account” button at the bottom of this page.


We hope you enjoyed reading about these 5 surprise mini brands. There may be some more surprises for you once this third edition is finished, so stay tuned for future episodes!