October 2, 2022


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5 Surprise Mini Brands Gold Rush Limited Edition

Gold Rush Limited Edition is a line of modern-inspired jewelry that has been designed to emulate the California Gold Rush. The idea behind this line of jewelry is to create chic and trendy pieces with an antique feel but also present a modern edge. Gold Rush Limited Edition has created 5 Surprise Mini Brands, one for every day. Each piece listed comes with a snap bracelet and an iced ring.

Each Surprise Mini Brand comes in its own signature colors: Vintage White, Mystic Purple, Golden Hour, Starry Night and SeaSide Mint (turquoise).

#5) Seaside Mint (turquoise)! This color stands out from the rest because it’s eye-catching without being too loud or ostentatious. It’s subtle, but the turquoise color is striking. It’s definitely not your standard turquoise color.

SeaSide Mint starts as a bright mint green and transforms into a deep blue-green almost immediately when in physical contact with water. Because of the way that it oxidizes when wet, it is recommended to hand wash only and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. I will definitely be buying one of these once they are released in larger quantities.

#4) Golden Hour is my personal favorite color. It’s a warm, muted yellow gold that has an antique feel without being tacky and too bright. I never would have thought to put gold, white and black together, but once you see this one in person it makes sense why so many people are drawn to it. I have a feeling that this will be the most popular color because of its accessibility and subtlety.

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#3) Mystic Purple is an interesting color; however, it’s definitely not for everyone. Purple is my least favorite color of the five Surprise Mini Brands because the minty blue-green swirls in the middle are almost impossible to see unless you hold the bracelet up to a light source.

#2) Vintage White – This color is a creamy, bright white that looks great paired with almost anything. In my picture above I’m wearing three pieces: the Sea Side Mint bracelet, the Golden Hour necklace and the Vintage White ring. This color works well for most skin tones, has femininity without being too girly and is a classic look that you can accessorize with almost anything from any collection. What was I thinking in 2013 when I thought of this combination? I mean, it’s pretty amazing but how did this even occur to me? It started as an accident where I spilled some turquoise water on my white bracelet and left it out in the sunlight to dry. I had no idea that this color would work so well with white, but it’s so pretty!

#1) Starry Night is the most unique color. It looks like a beautiful sky-blue and deep navy blue that may have some purple in it. I find myself gravitating towards this one because of its great versatility. Starry Night is also a lighter blue than my favorite color, Golden Hour, but still manages to be eye-catching without being too bright.

I am most excited to see what Surprise Mini Brands Gold Rush Limited Edition has in store for their collection next. I always like to try out something new and different, so I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this line for future releases.

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The surprise is that each of these colors are all unique and beautiful. When I was first trying them on I was confused about the different colors, so I always recommend having the bracelet on hand and looking at the color in the sunlight when you are taking a shower or out in the sun.