October 4, 2022


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4 Surprise Rare Mini Brands have blown up on TikTok

So it’s no surprise that companies and people alike are taking to this new platform to churn out short time-lapse videos, their own memes, or just try their hand at creating a bit of entertaining content.

But some brands have gotten particularly weird, surprising and even a little scary with their content on TikTok. Be afraid IRL because these four companies are scaring the bejeezus out of me! These mini brands make up our list of the 4 Best Surprise Mini Brands That Have Made it Big On TikTok.

#1 The Realistic Companies Mini Brand With Creaky, Creepy Branding

One of the most bizarre and unsettling TikTok mini brands we’ve come across is a company named Realistic Companies. These companies make realistic looking products such as, “Realistic vibrators.”

But oh no! The videos are just so disturbing! They’re all about sticking creepy dolls into a murder scene, or putting blood-soaked, decomposing corpses onto a murder scene. They’re also about scaring people with their terrible real looking dildos and vibrators.

But what’s even weirder is that there’s a channel on TikTok called “Realistic Companies” but it’s not the same brand! It seems as though the two brands merged and formed one of the creepiest TikTok mini brands out there.

#2 The Eerie Mini Brand That Teaches People How to Be Good Pets for Their Owners

Another weirdly disturbing TikTok mini brand is a company called “Pet Petters.” This TikTok channel opens with a video showing a woman using her phone to make her dog play fetch. It then closes with a video that shows the same woman holding a puppy and telling it to sit.

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These videos are just so weirdly creepy and unsettling, but there’s also something really adorable too! One video features the same dog from before listening to this woman in the park, as she tells other people walking around that he’s very good at doing tricks and listening to his owner.

There are also videos of dogs repeatedly crawling into cardboard boxes and getting rewarded with treats, or even puppies being told to play fetch with their owners. It’s all about dogs being good companions for their owners…but it’s not without a whole lot of creepiness. And honestly, I’m okay with that. Let us know what you think of these videos in the comments below.

#3 The Creepy Family “Mini Brand” That Wears White and Makes Visions Things with a Dark Past

Now this one is pretty dark. But don’t worry, it’s incredibly entertaining because it’s totally fake! OK, so this one is really strange. We came across another one of these creepy TikTok mini brands that are very detailed and fully formed with tons of content to go along with them. So they’re not just a single video, they’re actually several videos that are all connected together.

The videos are all about one family living in a farmhouse and how they’ve made their own little creepy oddities with the help of dark magic. The family also has these disturbing looking dolls that come to life when no one is watching. It’s all really weird, but it’s definitely entertaining!

#4 The Horrifying Mini Brand With the Worst Costume Design and Blood on the Camera Lens You’ll Ever See…Or So You Think!

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Lastly on our list of 4 Best Surprise Mini Brands That Have Made it Big On TikTok is a company called “Nürnberg Blood”.

These mini brands are super detailed and really entertaining. They’re all about making things look as gruesome as possible because that’s just how they roll! They make their own blood, blood bags left to walk around in your phone, and bloody body parts. But what makes these mini brands so cool is that the blood is always edited to look like it’s on purpose. It can’t be accidental.  Right?

Well, this one is true! The videos are all about these people purposefully getting themselves covered in fake blood and then rolling around in it, or hurting themselves in some other way that looks like a real accident.


So that’s our list of 4 Best Surprise Mini Brands That Have Made it Big On TikTok.And when I say big, I mean big! These are some of the most popular mini brands on TikTok right now. There’s so much content on these channels, they’re just absolutely insane! Which one is your favorite? Are you scared to be in a room with these mini brands? Let us know in the comments below.