October 2, 2022


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25 Best Chocolates In Swiss Chocolate Brands

Chocolate has been sold in Switzerland for a long time, going all the way back to 1670 when it was first produced in the city of Bern, Switzerland. Perhaps the earliest mention of chocolate as a gift that was sent from Switzerland came from Johann Kaspar Lavater in his work “Physiologie der Sinne”. He mentions that he received many gifts from Switzerland, including some edible chocolate made by a Swiss confectioner named Baur (about 1730).

1. Ritter Sport Schokolade – No matter what one you pick, it’s hard to beat a chocolate with hazelnuts to go in it! (Scharfenberg)

2. Lindt Chocolatier – A Swiss company that makes some of the most delicious chocolates around with an unforgettable taste and flavor that can’t be found anywhere else in this country! (Zurich)

3. Ghirardelli’s – The original chocolates created right here in California! (San Francisco)

4. Valentin – One of the most delicious chocolates made with a milk chocolate base covered by a milk chocolate shell filled with hazelnuts and cocoa butter! (Bern)

5. Scharffen Berger – A chocolatier from Switzerland that is famous for their tea-infused chocolates! (Zurich)

6. NIB – A Swiss company that produces the perfect chocolate bar for every occasion, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day! (Zurich)

7. Milka – A European chocolate brand that has been producing chocolates since 1919 in Switzerland, Austria and Germany! (Bern)

8. Lindt Café – A Swiss company that is dedicated to combining a delicious gourmet chocolate with an unforgettable coffee experience! (Zurich)

9. Cocoa Loco – A unique Swiss company with over 25 years of experience that makes premium quality chocolate products from all around the world! (Lausanne)

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10. Three Trees Chocolates – A Swiss chocolate making company that uses premium quality ingredients to create new and exciting chocolate products! (Bern)

11. Jelmoli Chocolates – One of the most popular chocolate brands in Switzerland that has been around since 1827 and still produces the same quality chocolates today! (Zurich)

12. Lindt Excellence – A Swiss company that is dedicated to making the most delicious chocolate products with high-quality ingredients and an unforgettable taste! (Zurich)

13. Bradbury’s – A Swiss company that is dedicated to creating the most delicious and best chocolates in the States, with an unforgettable flavor and taste that can’t be beat! (Chestnut Hill)

14. House Of Switzerland – An online shop that specializes in selling Swiss products from all around the country, including their famous chocolates! (San Francisco)

15. Lindt & Sprungli – One of the best chocolate brands in Switzerland, with a wide array of different products to choose from including bars, creams and more! (St. Gallen)

16. Irresistibles Chocolats – A Swiss company that specializes in making mouth-watering chocolates with a unique style and flavor! (Bern)

17. Kohler Chocolatier – An award-winning chocolate maker that has been making delicious chocolates since the early 1900s! (New York City)

18. Valrhona – A Swiss company that uses high-quality ingredients to create some of the most incredible chocolates and chocolate bars around! (Sarasota)

19. Lindt Excellence Intense Dark – A dark chocolate bar with 55% cacao with an unforgettable taste and flavor that can’t be matched! (Zurich)

20. La Schokoladiere – A Swiss chocolate manufacturer that is famous for creating some of the most delicious, exotic chocolates available in the States! (Zurich)

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21. Blommer Chocolates – A Swiss chocolate and candy shop that is known for their chocolates such as Mint Truffles, Milk Raisin, Dark Chocolates, Fruit Creams and more! (Oakland)

22. Dunhill Chocolates – An American company that is famous for the delicious chocolate bars that are available in different flavors such as Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate Caramel and more! (New York City)

23. Fanny May – A Swiss company that specializes in creating some of the most delicious chocolates available in the country! (Zurich)

24. Swiss Delights – A Swiss company that produces some of the most delicious chocolates you’ll ever taste! (Zurich)

25. Lindt Excellence Intense – A Swiss chocolate bar with 55% cacao and an unforgettable taste that can’t be matched! (Zurich)


The Swiss market is large enough to support multiple chocolate producing companies. However, the most popular Swiss brand is Lindt. Other popular brands include Hill and Scharffen Berger.